Monday, March 14, 2016

Quinn's Birthday and Christmas begins!!!

On Quinn's actual birthday, we celebrated with Ninjago cupcakes (still not sure how I got roped into decorating cakes/cupcakes for both parties) and bowling! 

His buddy Aiden from church got to come celebrate with us! 

The bowling buddies

We had a fun afternoon and evening with the rest of the family joining us for supper and cupcakes.  After Quinn went to bed, I saw that the lined up all the presents he got.  I remember doing the same thing when I was little. 

Turning 6 seems like he's on the verge of adulthood!! He's a sweet, sweet boy with a tender heart and a lot of fun to hang out with! He LOVES music and knows every song on the radio (this is not always a good thing).  He still sucks his thumb but is prepared to stop as soon as he looses his first tooth (which I think will kill me....the tooth and the thumb).  He is quite the sidekick for me and is actually a lot of help.  He's learning more and more when he goes to work with Kory and is gaining more confidence in doing things even when he's nervous. This will probably be a lifelong exercise for this little cautious boy.   He says he wants to be a jet pilot and a rancher when he grows up, he's crazy about basketball, The Spurs, Steph Curry, and he's almost unbeatable in a staring contest.  He loves to cuddle and can't help but hug me overtime he walks by.  I LOVE this kid and have a feeling the fun is just beginning! 

(sidenote: He cried when we tried to play Operation.  I think the pressure of the BUZZZ was a little much. HAHAHAHA! Remember I said he's "tender".  Sometimes I wish he wasn't quiiiiiiiite so tender.)

After Quinn's birthday was done, we finally got to go out to the ranch to cut  Christmas tree down.  We ended up in a race with the sunset, so we sort of had to spot one and get it pretty quick, but we had fun, didn't freeze and got a nice little tree.

These days, Jaylie adds quite a few things to her outfits.  This night it was a bowtie turned head band, and a purple tutu.  All finished out with her Carhartt coat.

Kanyon can't get enough of playing in the snow.  He could've cared less about the tree, he was having a blast throwing snow.  

Its a grainy, low light picture, but here we are with our tree! 

After we got our tree, we stopped in the shop where Chief was working on some stuff.  Jaylie got to try out some of the welding gear.  Real welders wear tutus! 

Rudolph and Rudolph

These pictures never turn out quite like I imagine.  But I guess what I'm imagining isn't reality.  

I sent my mom this picture one day showing her how much snow we'd gotten the night before.  

Q got to do some work with the men one day.  He worked the gate on the end of the chute.  
Good boy  Q! 

This picture makes me laugh.  She's cleary frozen and miserable but I'm all "SMILE AT ME AND LOOK CUTE IN YOUR DRESS!"

The Christmas season was in full swing and there was lots of pretty snow on the ground! 

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