Monday, May 2, 2016

Birthday and Easter

It just keeps keep having birthdays and turning another year older.  March 26 marked 9 years since I became a Mom!  My entrance into motherhood was NOT boring.  Very much like life with Kanyon Luke is NOT boring.  As always, the memories of the day Kanyon and Jayde were born flood my mind and fill me with so many different emotions.  But I always land on celebrating and being so happy to have Kanyon Luke!  He is getting more and more aware of his birthday and having lots of fun looking forward to the day.  He was telling everyone within ear shot (and even those not within ear shot) that he was 9 and a "big kid".  A big kid he IS and we are so so so so proud of him.  9 years ago I had no clue what life was going to be like (which really isn't any different than any first time Mom).  I don't think I'll ever be able to say "I wouldn't change a thing" because I would.  In a heartbeat.  But we have a wonderful life where I see God's goodness and mercy all over the place.  Kanyon's life has been a light to the world and I have a feeling he'll keep lighting up this place for years to come.  To God be the glory.  

He loves foosball so we got him this miniature version.  He loved it! So much so that I heard the ball rolling around playing at 6am the next morning.  YOUCH! 

By far and away Kanyon's favorite toy is his marble run he got for Christmas a couple of years ago.  He plays it all the time.  We keep it in our room because ours is the only one with carpet and I CAN NOT HANDLE chasing marbles all over the hard wood floored rooms everywhere else.  So with it being in our room, the sound of a marble rolling through is usually the sound that wakes me up in the morning.  He is INCREDIBLE building these things and knows exactly what spacing he needs to make it work.  Building it is by far the best part. As soon as he builds one and sends a marble through, he's tearing it apart to build another one.  Starting last year, I began to really loose motivation for cake creativity and design for a kid that hates cake. But I can't NOT make a cake on a birthday because no one would want to celebrate with him! Ha! Sooooo we went with the idea of his FAVORITE thing to play and Wa-LA! A marble run cake!!! 

It killed him to have to "give up" his marble run for the afternoon while I decorated and set the cake up.  But he had fun blowing out his candles.  While everyone sang to him he flooded the thing with marbles and laughed and clapped the whole time, then blew his candles out, and promptly asked for chips for his treat.  It was PERFECT.  

The Phillips Cousins from Bozeman came to town for the party.  We had the "party" at Wes and Susan's house because we celebrated Tye too.  His birthday is the day before Kanyon's.  The guys were busy with calving so it was good we could have the party at the ranch and cows could be checked easily.  The cousin table was cute as always.  

This is what 9 years will get ya.  A few more kids and a LOT of gray hair! But mostly one happy family.  

The next day was Easter, so the festivities continued! 

Jaylie June wearing one of my old dresses that my mom made and smocked.  

My little Easter Eggs. 

After church we all had lunch at Wes and Susan's and had a fun egg hunt!!! 

Quinn and Hayven are off at full speed!!!! 

Daddy and Chief walking Kanyon on the hunt.  This was by far the most interest Kanyon has shown in egg hunting. Usually I have to force him to look for more than one. I think he got 10 this year! 

Sweet Hayven girl found one! 

4 Phillips men (including Murphy the dog, of course)

This little one was having a blast! 

We hid one really big egg and it was the last one left so there was a serious hunt for it.  Even Chief and Daddy tried to find it.  

Sayler found the giant egg and all the kids ran over to the rock pile to check out their loot. 

Baby Jona wasn't quite ready for an egg hunt but she sure did make this picture even cuter! These kids have some pretty incredible Grandparents.  What a blessing for us all! 

The whole Phillips Pham! (it was QUITE sunny).

Quinn and good ol' Murphy

What a wonderful weekend of family and love.  

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