Friday, April 28, 2017

Fun Week

My brother Clint planned a trip to come here to hunt and it just seemed right to bring Nolan along for some good ol' guy time.  Poor Nolan is surrounded by only his girl cousins, so we figured he needed to escape girl land for while.  We were counting down the days until they showed up!!!!  

We went to Billings to pick them up and headed straight to Scheel's.  We spent over 4 hours in the store and never bought anything. 

At some point during the week we began referring to it as "Fun Week".  I would say "FUN" is an understatement.  It was full of all things fun, sugary, exciting, and special! 

Its always nice to have unlimited shots at the shooting range.  Thanks again, Scheels, it was a blast!

Since Clint came to actually hunt, we headed to Lewistown to get the hunting started!
I got to go with him the first evening he went out. We had a great time but didn't see anything.

Pictures on The Butte never get old

Kory and Clint got up early Sunday morning to go hunt and were going to meet us at church. I was walking in to church with the kids when I got a text that looked something like this......

They had gotten an elk on Day 2! 

After church we met up with them when they'd gotten the elk all ready to go to the processor.  The kids were so excited to see it and I was excited to hear the whole story! So exciting!!! 

With the elk tag filled, we had the rest of the week to do nothing but play! We were expecting to use up the week with Clint hunting but it was nice to have a whole week to hang out with the elk pressure off!

Just one example of "Fun Week"...a kid drinking a Powerade as big as he McDonald's. 

We had to go out to the sale to pick something up, so Quinn showed Nolan around a little bit.  

Just because the elk was done didn't mean the hunting was over.  These 3 were on a mission to call up some coyotes.  They headed out in the late afternoons til dark to see what they could find.  

We use the term "hunting" loosely.  They'd just gotten new sling shots, so they did some target practice in the pond....

There was sitting and waiting....calling....snacking....whittling with their new get the idea.  

4 kids after a very successful "Fun Week". 

 If we didn't find a house with a porch, i was prepared to ask the owners of our old house if we could still take pictures on their porch.  Thankfully, this house has a great porch for the pictures so the tradition lives on.  

Mom and Dad arrived for their visit a day before Clint and Nolan left, so Mom went with me to take them back to the airport.  Goodbyes are a bummer. 

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