Friday, April 28, 2017


Early November is an exciting time around here.  Its when we ship our calves and officially end that ranch year.  Its the culmination of hours and hours and hours of work, physical work, emotional decisions and stresses, long days, short nights, lots of hay, lots of manure, cold windy days, and warm sunny beautiful days.  This year while I was watching the guys working in the corrals sorting and dealing with these calves I was thinking about February, March, and April when these same calves were being born and all the time and energy that went into getting them off to a good start.  Not that long ago, they were getting their ear tag and figuring out how to stand! No they're nice big healthy calves supporting our families and making this whole ranch world go 'round.  Its a rewarding feeling and a time to reflect and be thankful for another year of good work and blessings from God.  

This year Quinn woke up early and went with Kory to get the cows/calves sorted off and ready to roll in the corrals.  When I showed up things were very much under control and he was working hard.  

He was proud to have his own sorting stick! I was proud for him to spend the day working with his Dad, Uncles, and Grandpa.  Thats a pretty good day! 

Here's a nice random selfie to break up all this sweet ranch life stuff.  This child is a maniac and she takes 200 pictures per second if you give her your phone.  Hopefully she learns to take more flattering angles.  

Back to work.....Tye and Kory talking things over. 

Lunch break in the shop with the cousins! Please don't miss Jona's ponytail on top of her head! CUTENESS!!!  

Sydni took some great pictures that day! Yay! 


Kory and Jaylie June having some Father Daughter time at the scales.  

Kory and the kids crunching some numbers.  

Yay for a day on the ranch with cousins! 

Kory's grandpa Bob came out of course.  I am always so happy to see him out there. I can't get over how much he's seen in his life and how much he's seen this ranch grow and change. He was literally born on this place and I just love that he's getting to watch the next couple of generations try their hand at it.  

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