Tuesday, April 25, 2017

September Randoms

It was twin day at school so Kanyon and his aide Mrs. Alex were thing 1 and thing 2.  

Q having a little bb gun practice shooting holes in a water bottle. 

We got very sad news this summer that we had to move out of the house we've been renting.  The business that owns the house needed to make it into a guest house.  We were SO SAD.  And also stressed.  Finding a house around here that didn't require Kanyon going up and down stairs so get to a bedroom was almost impossible! The business was very generous with us and ended giving us more time to find a new place.  With about a week to spare we stumbled upon a place and were able to work a deal out with the people to rent it.  We saw, yet again, God provide for us as he has so many times.  Some sweet friends came over one night and helped me pack up my kitchen! It was a HUGE help to have 5 extra people helping! 

To pour salt on our wounds about leaving the house, the business also decided to cut down every single one of these giant elm trees in the yard! They had some disease so they had to be cut down. It was very sad.  But also kinda fascinating to watch it all happen.  Here's one last look at our house with the big trees (and the dump truck ready to load up all the wood they cut). 

Juney girl spent a little time with with her dad and got in on some work in the shed.  Since I'm playing catch up posting from so long ago, I'm not totally sure what was going on.... Preg testing I'm guessing.  No matter what, she was pleased to be there tagging along.  

I think this was one of Jona's first baths with the cousins.  She's a brave girl.

This is Quinn's handiwork. 

Gay Gay sent raccoon pjs to this raccoon loving boy!!! 

Quinn's soccer season with his buddy Conway was lots of fun. 

Quinn's team played his friend Olin's team the last game.  They're only a year a part, but Quinn is on the tall end and Olin is on the short end so this picture cracks me up! 

Yay for the gold team! 

June girl picked apples with Gram and made lots of yumminess from these apples.  

Kite flying on a windy day! 

Just making sure you know how calm and sweet and serious my kids are.  

Kanyon's P.E. teacher is SO GOOD to him.  

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martha crockett said...

My comments are totally out of order, but had to say something about the hay art thingy. I'm with you. I don't see how it could ever lose it's luster! So creative.

Another thing I noticed in your pix. Everyone (even not in the pix)is always SMILING up there!!! I can see why. It looks like the most wonderful life.

I pray blessings of health and happiness to you all.