Friday, April 28, 2017

Mom and Dad here for Halloween!

As I mentioned in my last post, Mom and Dad got here just before Clint and Nolan left.  They were just in time for our 3rd annual small group pumpkin carving party! 

This is their 3rd year in a row to be here for Halloween and its fun to enjoy the festivities together! 
Quinn decided several weeks early that he wanted to be a bat.  NOT Batman, just a bat. Here we are sealing the deal with the bat face paint. 

Long before Halloween, maybe even months, Juney girl decided she wanted to be a baby pig.  

She wanted to make sure she had hooves, so I rolled some cardboard cereal box around her wrist and she thought she was SO AWESOME.  

Kanyon cares ZERO about Halloween.  He doesn't like candy and walking around is hard, so it just isn't really the holiday of him. But he decided to wear Quinn's ninja costume from last year, so here we have a "Baby Pig", a Bat, and a Ninja.  

First stop at our next door neighbor's house.  

His most authentic bat pose.  

What's a pig without a curly tail?! This was taken at the end of the night and her hooves were still on. She was so in character that she didn't care that she couldn't knock on a door, reach in and pick up candy, or anything else that requires fingers. She was completely committed to her baby pig-ness and she did it very well until she could hardly take another step! 

Our new house is near some little ponds in town that they keep stocked with trout. We hadn't fished at them yet, so Paw Paw was the perfect one to go with us to give it a try for the first time. 

Not sure if J is having a chat with the fish or what???

We got the fish we caught home and dad cleaned them so we could cook them later for supper.

Mommy and her baby at the park. 

The Gals.  One gal was having a hard time cooperating.  

Big happy smiles with Paw Paw and Gay Gay! 


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