Monday, August 25, 2008

Phillips Phamily Garage Sale Weekend

I had a garage sale this past weekend! Mom, Maurine, Avery, and Landry all came to help. I could not have done it without them! Garage Sales are always a lot of work, but throw in these munchkins and that took it to another level. We did lots of tag teaming and got it done with great success. 2 things you should know before you continue:
1. These pictures will show the nice tint of red in our necks. Sorry....I don't think its possible to have a garage sale and be anything else...what fun. I grew up doing this with my cousins so hopefully this was the first of MANY for our kids...shirtless, pantsless, bare footed, dirty, sweaty, kids.

2. This post is mostly Avery. She was absolutely hilarious and perfect all weekend. She played SO HARD every day and was in the best mood and took all the craziness and kept right on going.

Here are our little garage sale elves. Avery, Kanyon, and Landry.

Kanyon only kept his clothes on for about 30 minutes. It was just too hot.
A little offended here that he was only priced at 50 cents.
The slightly more expensive Landry was up for grabs too. I don't know who deserves more credit...Landry for putting up with us, or Maurine for working so hard and doing all of this with this little one...even when she was screaming!
While we were setting up and having the sale, Avery found lots of treasures that she was so very pleased with.

I love this shot with her hands in her pockets. LoLo, she loved your boots, but someone named the right price and took them!

The "princess dress" on the other hand was bought by Maurine. Avery was having too much fun with it. I actually think its going to be a birthday present for SHHHHHHH don't tell her.
Like every lovely princess, Avery had to see herself on the camera.
What princess ballerina doesn't need more shoes?!

Addison came over Friday afternoon. She was impressed my Kanyon's muscles.

We got out the bubble generator...thanks Kasey. Avery loved it!

Avery loved to help get Kanyon up when he woke up from his naps.
She was so cute with Kanyon. She would tilt her head and talk to him in a baby voice just like a grown woman. She even helped him put his thumby back in.

Sweet cousins had lots of fun together.
Kory became one of Avery's favorite people. (How do dad's manage that...they are gone all day and then come home and THEY are the favorite!!)
Here is Avery taking care of Kanyon and her Baby Bear. Another post-nap chat with Avery.

Saturday night we went to Cooper T's birthday party. We didn't get to stay the whole time, so I only have a couple of pictures. This is K's bud Cooper P.
And the dads. I like this picture a lot. Notice the boys are both ignoring me and continuing their staring contest.
And we ended the wild weekend with a trip to Addison's house. They both had on their converse shoes, but Addison was being much more cooperative with the camera...maybe Mindi got better pics. I do think Kanyon might be kissing her shoulder. He's so romantic.

We made lots of money and lots of memories. More memories than money, but that's what its all about.


Leigh Ann said...

Love the Blog stinkin cute! We were in Longview a couple of weekends ago, but you guys were in Paris for Julie's wedding. We were sad we missed you guys:( But we will be back soon.

ali said...

love the staring contest pic and kanyon being romantic with addison! those are too funny! glad y'all had a good garage sale. see you soon! loveyou.

Anonymous said...

Love it, love it, love it!! The new header is just precious! I love reading your blog, but now it will be so rewarding when I can look at Kan the man as I read. Thanks for rewarding us readers for just reading. Vicky Pruitt

Bessie said...

Well said.