Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kanyon's Toys! (and some other things)

This is not a toy, but it is a follow-up on Kory's birthday present. Kanyon DID NOT spit up all over Kory on his birthday, so that was nice. He did wear this shirt for him. It is a Lewistown, MT Tshirt (Kory's hometown) that the Hill's gave him. Thanks Hills!!! This was a problem due to a toy. While Llon and Lori were in town last week, Kanyon and Landon had their first fight. Honestly, Kanyon was pretty much a wimp and poor Landon felt bad. He was trying to show Kanyon this cool ring toy and accidentally hit Kanyon (not very hard, I might add) Kanyon curled the bottom lip and put on a nice little pouty show. BUT he made a full recovery and he and Landon were back to being buddies in no time. Check out the pouting happening in this picture and sweet Landon showing so much empathy!
This was Kanyon's "Happy Home Day" present this year but we're just now getting to play in it. It looks as if Kanyon is FURIOUS at Ollie, but he's not.........
He was trying to copy him by sticking his tongue out too!
Not real sure what to think of it, but he liked it. We'll be able to do lots more swinging when it is a little cooler out.

The other day I was refilling his bottle and he picked it up and did this: He knows what to do with it!!
Then he did this: He does this with almost everything he picks up. He holds it really close to his eyes to do some intense research before putting it in his mouth again. BUT IT ALWAYS goes back in his mouth so the criteria must be pretty broad. I thought this looked like a funny nose.
This has become one of Kanyon's favorite toys. You can see the joy on his face here! He is really into anything that spins and so this part of his exersaucer gets a work out. He spins it really really hard with everything he's got and gets very excited!
I love this face because his lip curls when he's really working on something and he works pretty hard on this spinning thing....I caught him in a post-spin follow through!
He spins so hard he flinches!
Now we just have to work on the whole "if you try to eat it it stops spinning" thing. He can't quite get it.
There WAS a globe on here that he could spin, but he broke it. Told you he liked to spin!
He and the lizard have recently become acquainted. I don't know if this qualifies as a toy, but he plays with it so it does to me. I had to buy some of those padded interlocking squares to make a mat since we have wood floors. Well, klp is all over the place on this thing. Here he is about to attack me! Looks pretty fierce, huh?
He works his way to the edges to pick up the blankets and find the blocks...he is OBSESSED! I don't know if its the bumpy texture or if he just likes making me crazy. He works so hard to get over there and dig until he finds them. Guess where they go?
Eating one just isn't enough...he keeps on digging for more!

He is eating pretty well lately and even letting me sit down for more of the feeding. Holding 18 1/2 lbs for an entire feeding/wrestling match really gets tiring. Today he let me sit for 5 ounces...definitely a record! We're still waiting on the paperwork and insurance stuff to start outpatient therapy back in Dallas. They will be the ones to start trying him on spoon feeding and such. He is getting so funny lately. He will laugh and play with us and he is ALL OVER THE place wherever we put him down (rolling and flopping and squirming...not crawling or anything)I don't know if its him or if I just think he's extra cute (maybe its connected to the fact that he's eating better) but he has been melting my heart with his toothy smile (by the way, he has all 4 molars now! HOLY COW!). I really think I kiss him 3 million times a day and the other day I gave him a hug and must have squeezed him too hard because I made him spit up. Oops.


Rachel said...

Yeah, maybe you should lay off the squeezing until his food settles. He is SO precious and I can't wait to squeeze him myself! Love y'all.

mindy said...

Can't believe how this boy is growing! He's just precious!

Robyn said...

I don't think we ever reach a point where we don't just want to kiss and squeeze them tons of times a day. He sure is sweet!

Hilary said...

Kanyon I love all your continue to amaze me little man!!Have a great week..and don't forget to eat all your food that Momma gives you so you can grow big and strong :)

Jessica said...

I am so glad that feedings are going better. You can sit now? Isn't it funny the things we thank God for? It was good seeing you last night, even if only for a brief moment. You and Kory look great, and Kanyon always makes me smile.

martha crockett said...

It's not just you... Anyone can see he is absolutely the cutest little boy, and totally squeezable! I may start calling him "Charmin"!

Silverthornes said...

So glad Kanyon is doing well and YES, I believe you kiss him 3 million times a day...that is what a sweet, loving, proud mother as yourself does :) I LOVE the pictures!

Truitt Ross said...

He IS super cute! I love his smile. Those pictures for Cory are adorable. Your eyes look beautiful with that shirt and his grin is so sweet. He loves you so much and that is what makes a picture of you two such a great gift. Thanks for sharing. - kayci