Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Up goes the old....out comes the new!

Well, I'll start off by I know why my mom has tons of boxes of our old baby clothes still up in our closets! It is too hard to let go!! But, thanks to eating camp and Kanyon's new found "tolerance" (notice I didn't say love...not yet) of eating, after 10 months, we can finally pack away our 3-6 month onesies!
Here are some of the favs from that set...
OK, so I couldn't pack them all away. I can still snap these and they are my favs!
Here he is in October with one on....

September in another one...
December in another....
Ok...enough of that. We said our goodbyes this morning and they're going in a box.
On to some events of the last few days:
No, he's not angry. He was actually very happy to be going on a walk since its not 600 degrees. I have always wished my eyeballs had built in camera lenses so I could just blink and it would take a picture. I can't always seem to capture the moments on a camera and then there are times when I don't have my camera with me (and I always have my eyeballs...see what I mean!). We were walking down the street and Kory had Ollie on the leash and I was pushing Kanyon. K kept leaning over and I couldn't figure out what he wanted. Then I rolled him closer to Ollie and he just rubbed and patted Ollie while we walked. It was SOOOOOOOO cute!
So much for "soothing" with this Rain forest Soother. He loves it so much that he wants to eat it. This is how I found him yesterday.
Llon, Lori, and Landon came over last night to play. We had a great time visiting and Landon is such a sweet boy! Kan and Landon will have tons of fun when THEY MOVE HERE!!!! Well, we're hoping they will in a couple of years.
The big event of today was a trip to Addison's house to swim! So we packed away our old clothes in the morning, and busted out our new swim trunks this afternoon! It was K's first time since he had that stinky tube for so long. Here are the two beach babes getting all sun screened up!
OH YEAH! He loves the cool surfer dude look!

Ready for some fun in the sun.
Maybe I should've put sunscreen on his belly.
I think he tolerated the shades because he knew it would complete his totally cool surfer look.
I am an idiot and lost the hat that matches his swim trunks. But, thanks to Aunt Sydni we still had a great sun hat! By the way, Kanyon liked the pool fine, he just ate the float thing and splashed occasionally.

We used to call Mindi's pool "The Spa"...before we had kids....its not so much the long relaxing spa trip anymore, but we love our little tadpoles swimming around!


Mindi said...

Email me the pictures from today and the ones from sunday PLEASE!!!

Kelly said...

There are some things that you can use to lengthen the onesies and use them longer - if you want to. I don't know much about them but one of your readers might. Also, I love the "wave" his hair is doing!!

Robyn said...

Your stack of clothes to save can quickly become a mountain. He looks so tough and sweet all ready to swim. He sure is getting a "little boy" look about him. Love y'all!

Jessica said...

I love the surfer dude look! He is too cool for school!