Monday, August 11, 2008

Kanyon's Buddies and Praise Baby

One of Kanyon's best buddies is his Great Aunt Mary Lynn...he LOVES playing with her. We were over there the other night and she was bouncing him on her lap. If she would stop, he would bounce himself so that she would start again. He was having a blast!

Since K's eye surgery, he can finally see, so we thought we'd see if he could watch his Praise Baby DVD. I knew it would be tricky because our TV is not that big and is far from the floor (not to mention it is from the stone age, but I don't think Kanyon cares!). Here is how it happened:

"Hey Mom, where are you going? Are you just going to leave me here?"
"Oh SWEET! What is that up there?!"

"Oh boy..a movie AND toys!"
"Speaking of movie.....yeah, its still playing"
"Why do you keep turning the camera on, it is interrupting me!"
"Now, where was that TV...I can't find it.."
"Hey Mom! This is cool!! Sorry you can't get a picture of me watching it....I thought I was supposed to look at the camera when you got it out!"

Gary and Sharon are also some of Kan's best buddies. Sharon and some other ladies at church have volunteered to keep Kanyon in his own nursery so that Kory and I can go to class and church! They know that we can't do the nursery thing yet, so they found an empty room and have made it perfect just for Kanyon! Yesterday was our first time and it was wonderful. I didn't really think that it was that big of a deal taking him with us, but it was sure nice to be able to sit and listen! Thanks so much to our very own Church Ladies! Here he is with Mrs. Sharon before I left. He looks sad, but really he was totally pumped! He was just sleepy!
Amy and I found these shirts shopping Saturday and thought our boys needed them. Here are Blake and Kanyon matching on Sunday! As usual, K thinks Blake his hilarious!

Sunday night at small group, Addison came over to chat with K. I think he's raising his hand to ask a question here. They had fun talking to each other. They were so cute! They would chatter and giggle!

Cooper popped in for a quick hello!
And then the girls raided K's stroller and put him in this little get-up.

Somehow I didn't get the picture on here that shows him ripping it all off. I thought that would be a little redeeming for him later in life. But I refuse to mess up the whole post trying to add that picture.
We made another trip to Dallas last week for a few appointments:
1. Our Children's House-we are OFFICIALLY NG Tube GRADUATES!!!!!!!!!!! They were very pleased with his weight gain and said KEEP IT UP!!!
2. GI-Also happy with weight gain. He didn't change anything because he said he doesn't like to "mess with magic" and what we're doing seems to be working. We'll go back in 2-3 months. He also pointed out that Kanyon is getting closer to being on the chart for his adjusted age.
3. Preemie Clinic-We LOVE this Dr. he is so nice. The visit was good. They did another developmental check up. Roughly K is about 6 months developmentally. Give or take, the test is not totally perfect and doesn't show everything completely and accurately, but it is a ballpark figure for us to know. They felt like he was really on the brink of some big moves, so next time we'll hopefully jump up more. Obviously this is slow progress. He's had a tough year where a lot of things were happening. that we're through all surgeries (Lord willing) and his eyes are working better, and he's actually eating more that 16 ounces a day we expect things to happen a little faster. They seem to already be moving faster. I forget how much all of those things that he's been through take out of him and then the whole fact that he was eating MAYBE what a newborn baby would eat how could we expect him to be able to do anything! We're hopeful that this 2nd year will be faster than the first. We will go back in March when he's 2! (that sounds crazy!)


cassi rash said...

It's so good to hear that Kanyon is doing so well. I know it's an answered prayer that he is off the NG tube. Hope everything else is going great. All the pictures are adorable! He's one cute little boy!

Silverthornes said...

So happy Kanyon is going great! Loved the pictures.

Sydni said...

That is SOOOO sweet and thoughtful of the ladies in your church to give Kanyon his own class for now. I don't really hear anything (still hardly) when I'm dealing with Sayler.

It's like every time we hear a report from you lately it's all good! YIPPEE!!!

DCVol said...

Congrats on all your good news!!! I am so happy for you all that the NG tube is history and that Kanyon is making such awesome strides. The gradual baby steps are definitely hard for me when I feel like we are moving at a slug's pace, but at least they are steps in the right direction, right!?! I continue to pray for you guys and think about you a lot. Also, the bathtub recommendation from you was SO perfect- I love the blue one so much and B will actually tolerate sitting up in it!

Erin Faubus said...

Kanyon is looking so good! You can tell he is gaining weight - he's precious. We miss you guys! Give that baby a kiss for me!

Matthew and Jes said...

He is a little cutie...I love being able to see his smile and inquisitive looks! So happy he is seeing stuff...his world is so much bigger now!