Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Buddies, Trouble, and Over stimulation

Buddies: These 2 have been really enjoying each other lately

We don't usually let Ollie on the blanket, but this was a cute little moment so I let it slide.

Trouble: Now that Kanyon is "mobile" he has a few things that he goes for EVERY time he's on the floor. Toy basket! He chews on the handle then usually goes for the basket. The problem is the basket comes apart in his mouth which causes gagging which results in a mess of his last bottle on the floor. Not cool.

The cable wire. It is not plugged into anything so it is just out there. He is only interested in the black cord part which is better than the end of it, but it is a race to it when he's on the floor. He was very sad when he took off for that wall and found that the cord was gone. I wrapped it up into the lovely hole in the wall that it comes out of that I never put the cover back on when we painted the living room (almost 4 years ago). Whats so bad about TOYS???!! He rather have baskets and wires.
By the way, by mobile I mean army- inch worm -squirm -with one arm thing. I think he could army crawl if he would use his left arm, but he's not interested in that.
Over stimulation: We broke the house arrest a couple of weeks ago for our friend Corey. He is the girls bball coach of a college here in town and we've really wanted to see his team. It was early house arrest time for us, so we broke free for an hour or 2. We didn't realize til we got there, but I think this was klp's first bball game. Obviously under normal circumstances, he would've been a gym rat from day 1, but oh well. It was a little much for kanyon to say the least. He did this the whole WHOLE WHOLE time!

He wasn't sleepy (though it looks like his eyes are closed here). That was probably the most noise he's ever been around. You don't realize how much noise there is! Cheering, ball bouncing, whistles, yelling, stomping on the bleachers, not to mention the buzzer. Every now and then I'd take him out and he would perk back up instantly. He never cried, but he pretty much shut down. No big deal since we won't get out for any more games anyways, but we'll make sure he's ready for next season!

I realize I'm the crazy blog girl lately, but I gotta get these in before T-giving! I have one more for tomorrow. It will include a couple of trips down memory lane.


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I love the pics of he and Ollie! sweet boy, klp! I fully understand the overstimulus thing, little couz, I get the same way from time to time and I am 29 years older than you! Happy Thanksgiving guys! wish we were all together again this year but atleast we have next year!

Jodi said...

Sweet boy!!! I love the cuddle pics, even if it does mean that the bball game was a little much. And seriously, why do we spend money on toys anyways?!?! Cords, baskets, plastic water bottles (in R's case)... always seem to trump the expensive stuff. Go figure!