Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mega Long Paris Post

I'm a good blogger and blogging twice in 2 days. We were in Paris for Halloween (as you saw in the last post) but it was also a weekend to celebrate. Most of you know, but in case you don't, my brothers had baby girls on THE SAME DAY! The babies were due a week a part, but Rach was late and Mo was early. Unfortunately it was before they both lived in Paris, so we were in Dallas AND Paris that day! CRAZY! The girls turned 2 on Oct. 24th and had their party last weekend. So, this post is mostly the birthday party and some other adventures in Paris. I will probably write too much, but at least there are a lot of pictures!

We drove in Thursday and went to Clay and Mo's. My mom is the cake queen and Maurine had scheduled her to come help her with Avery's cake. So, while we were there we had lots of fun. Mo took Avery and Kanyon for a ride in the wagon. Avery had been to a Halloween carnival earlier in the day, so her whiskers were still on!

That night, Rachel came out to the house to get mom's help for Roselyn's cake. Rosie and Kanyon were helping Clint find new boots on the Internet.

Friday, Rosie came out while her parents took Nolan to the Dr. We had lots of fun. I was happy because she found one of my favorite old baby dolls. While we were swinging outside, she wanted to make sure the baby could see the leaves falling. What an attentive mother she was being.

This was later in the day. Notice the germX in my dad's hand! 2 year olds = major germs.

Dad took klp and Rosie to pick tomatoes and Rosie ate them as soon as she picked them.

Dad watched klp so mom and I could run into town one afternoon and we came back to this. Dad had whistled him to sleep on the back porch.

We went out into the back pasture and helped (watched) Dad put up a tree stand. Kanyon just HAD to pet Max.

Thanks to Aunt Nancye, Kanyon had a cool Halloween shirt to wear. You can see by his face how thrilled he was for me to be taking his picture.

Mom took this while I was squeezing my little man. I think its funny.

Kanyon got restless being held, so I put him down. He was checking out all of his surroundings very carefully.

more exploring

Ok NOW for the birthday party! The girls had their party together and it was soo fun! It was a small family party...which meant that it wasn't that small, but only family was there, you know what I mean. The kicker was the entertainment. You can now add my brothers to the list of softy parents who spoil their kids and have ponies at their birthday parties! Well, actually, Clint's hygienist has a petting zoo business so she let them use one for the day. SOOO if you know the pony people that makes it more OK, right? The pony stayed in the dog pens til it was time to ride. Shoulda' got a picture of that. The birthday girls were SOOO excited to ride the horse. Their faces are FULL of smiles in this picture (I know you can't see it that well).

BUT you can see the faces on their Daddies!! Not sure who was getting a bigger kick out of this whole thing.

Here are the girls waving to their admirers (and yes, they're barefooted, that's how we do things).

Of course Kanyon got to ride and he really did love it! He rocked, grinned and laughed the whole time!

Uncle Clint making sure he knows the position for the bronc ride.

Kanyon is happy, but his unlces look even happier!

After the pony ride, Roselyn wanted to push Kanyon in the swing. She is so sweet, but we had a hard time keeping her from getting hit by it!

Avery the pyromaniac was THRILLED when they lit her candles!

Sweet Birthday Girls!

Avery was apparently NOT THRILLED with the way Roselyn was blowing out her candles.

Cousin Sierra came out of nowhere and blew out Avery's candle. No big deal, I think Avery was just a little stunned.

One more round for the birthday girls! Roselyn wants everyone to know that REAL cowgirls ride in high heels (and tutus)!!

Notice Clay is on the pony in the background. I guess he just couldn't resist.
Neither could Clint. Weirdos.

Nolan and Kanyon were partied out and needed some time to chill. Kanyon lovingly put his arm around Nolan like a big boy cousin should.

They had matching outfits thanks to Aunt Nancye! But, the sweetness was short lived. Kanyon was actually rather violent.

After a long day of partying and pony rides, Kanyon needed a bath! I LOVE his face in this picture!!!!!

And what it is about babies when they get out of the tub and you wrap them up???!!! I could just eat him up!!!!

Now we're back at home and klp has learned a new way to sit in his bouncy seat. He thinks he's so grown up.

Yesterday he woke up from his nap so I went to get him and this is what I saw. This is the first time (that I know of) that he's ever figured out how to sit up in his bed. It made me laugh when I walked in.
One more thing: People have mentioned how "old" Kanyon is looking a big boy.... Well, Tuesday night while we were in Dallas, Me, Kanyon, and Kasey were walking to the elevator and this lady asked if we wanted her to hold the elevator for us. We said sure...thanks. Then she said, "Well, you have a baby....or....a kinda toddler thingy." I think she meant something in between a baby and a toddler, but it made us laugh.


Suzie Brown said...

Hi Jaymie! This is Suzie (MacKenzie) Brown. I was in club with you back in 2001. I've been reading your blog for a while, and I love hearing about your and your precious family. It's so funny that you said your brothers had baby girls on the same day. That happened to my husband Josh's two brothers! On September 5 this year, his oldest brother, Jason, and his second oldest brother, Kyle, both had baby girls on the same day. They were due about 4 days apart. Luckily, the girls were both born in Fort Worth. What a coincidence! Suzie :)

Molly Woodall said...

Grand Kanyon....I think you need to ask for a pony now! You look like a REAL cowboy and pretty comfortable in that saddle.
How funny do C & C look with their long legs on the pony?

Jodi said...

"Kinda Toddler Thingy" ?!?!?! What the heck!? Who says stuff like that?! Too funny... and weird.

GREAT pics! Klp really looks like he hates being around his family (mucho sarcasm)! :) Love y'all!

Blake, Kenzie, Wyatt and Walker said...

Ok first off I missed your Halloween post so I had to catch up. Kanyon's costume was to cute! I think he gets the award of the year for best Halloween costume. Clint did a great job on Nolan's costume too. Kanyon is getting so big and his smile is so sweet. I love the picture of him in his bed. It is such a wonderful thing when you go to their bed room and they are sitting there smiling waiting on you. Melts your heart every time! Glad all is well! I hope after the holidays are over we can get together.

Jessica said...

I love the pony pictures! Those are hilarious!

mindy said...

Jaymie...I just love reading all your stories! It is so fun to watch Kanyon grow up and read all about his adventures. I also love how you let us know all about him...we all feel like he's a little part of our lives! He just continues to remind me of God's best miracles and each time he reaches a milestone, it is just so precious! Hugs to all!

Melissa said...

Yea for Kan-Man sitting up! I'm positive he is Cole's hero!

kelly said...

What awesome pics~ Kanyon's face is just so kissable! He is a total doll. I am sooo thrilled that the boy sat himself up in bed~ that is quite an accomplishment, so we are applauding you from DC, sweet boy! Hugs to you all.

Erin Faubus said...

I love all the pictures...Kanyon does look so much older! And if it is even possible he looks cuter than ever. He's a darling.

*Kendra* said...

I also loved the Halloween costume! Great idea! I love all of the family pics. It's great that they all have same aged cousins to have fun with!