Monday, November 17, 2008

The life of a gypsy

I have been a gypsy lately. I don't really know what a gypsy is except that they travel around a lot. I think. I have been a TRAVELING machine! I admit to being a busy body, especially when it comes to going places to see people I love and have lots of fun! BUT this last month and a half has been TOO much even for this busy body!!!!! Don't get me wrong, it has been SOOOO fun, but it has been SOO much. I haven't been home for more than 3 days in a row for almost 2 months!! Events on the weekends, and Dallas therapy during the week. Crazy. Totally crazy. Totally fun though. I'll review quickly the fun I've had.

Yamboree...but you saw that in a majorly long post.

ACU Homecoming. It was SOOO fun to be back there and be with my college friends and re-live the old days! It was our 5th year reunion (I feel like you can't really call it a reunion, but oh well) so I had been planning to go for a long time. Kory quickly stated that he had zero desire to join me and my hyperactive self while I ran around with friends pretending like we were 20. SOOO he had his first weekend alone at home with Kanyon. More on that later.

Here I am with a few of my fav girls at EOX breakfast....
The next weekend was Halloween/Avery and Rosie's bday party...once again, you saw that one too. You're probably still trying to read it all!

Next weekend was a little girls hiking trip. This crew went last year (minus me) and we had to wait this year until the babies were born and ready for a weekend in the great outdoors! We rented a cabin at Beaver's Bend and LOVED it. We left non nursing babies at home and enjoyed a great weekend together!

S'mores by the fire

This is the crew: Me, Sis in laws Rachel (with Nolan) and Mo (with Landry), Doodle (with Caden) and her sister Janelle, and Katie (with Norah)

Can you tell which 2 of us didn't have babies to please????

We went on about a 3-4 hour hike. It was the perfect hike for us, not really that hard so we could just chill and enjoy it, but it had a few steep parts that made us work. We packed a lunch and enjoyed it on the trail. Don't you love all the mommies carrying the babies along. Janelle and I were there with a helping hand . It was SOO fun!

Then last weekend was BETH AND JAROD's wedding!!! It was like another ACU reunion for us and it was SOOO fun! She was stunning! It was a BLAST!!!

Ok, sooooooooo how did I pull all of this off??????? My AMAZINGLY hard working, patient, awesome, selfless husband!! He wanted me to get to do all of these things and so he spent lots of time with Kanyon!!! My mom was a huge help to when Kory's work and departure times didn't agree!!! So while I was running all over the place, here are a few things klp and KLP did together.
I love this picture, they are making the same face!!

The very first weekend, I came home and this was their new thing. KLP holds klp up to the light so he can play with the string pull thing. Kanyon LOVES LOVES it!!! Now anytime you walk under the fan, he reaches up to touch it. Its a daddy game though, I'm not that tall!

I left my camera with Kory when I was gone to the Oklahoma trip so he documented their activities:

This was a CLEAN batch of clothes........i love kan's tongue in this....

Kory says he did all of this himself. SOOO FUN!! I feel like I abandoned my fam way too much. All of these things were so fun it was just crazy that they were all in a row. This should MORE than get me through my winter trapped in my house. I've never been gone that much and I don't want to do it again for a long time. I am SOOO thankful for Kory and how willing he was to "work" on his weekends so that I could play!
We had to come to Dallas a day early for a GI appointment. It went great and the Doc was happy with his weight and took him off of 2 of his meds and added one (to help the poopy problems). We had our regular therapy today and will again tomorrow and then we are headed HOME!
Kanyon was GRAND today in therapy...both OT and Feeding, but especially feeding. We want lots more days like today!!!
And just for the record, we're doing NO therapy (well ....only one on Monday) next week so we can catch our breath before our Turkey festivities.

3 Cheers for Kory, the DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!


jennifer said...

Hey Jaymie! It was great to see you at the wedding. Glad you were able to get away for a few weekends and your hubby did such a great job with Kanyon!

martha crockett said...

I can't get over how well Kanyon is sitting up in these pix! That just thrills me!
Glad you have been able to have lots of fun lately, but I know you are right where you really want to be!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you are just the best is so, so fun to read about your lives and to see those sweet, sweet pictures of your boys! It brings back so many memories of when Kory was that age! Rest up quick......know you will be back on the road soon! Love, Marilyn

Meagan said...

Kanyon just keeps getting cuter and cuter! (Chubbier and chubbier, I might add) Make Kasey call me next time ya'll are in Dallas!

Rand and Maggie said...

Guys, it never fails. I am reading your blog and I find myself just GRINNING! You all are terrific....what a great pair you are. Jaymie, I am so glad you got to get away and have some girlie fun time and Kory, you ARE the dad/hubby of the year for encouraging her to do so. I am proud of you both and just wanted to tell you how I am thanking God for you two. Kanyon is one blessed little boy to have such awesome parents.
Love you!