Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Before we get to Halloween, I have a few other pics. We had Kanyon's 18 month check up (finally) and everything was good. He weighed 19lbs. 13 oz. (almost 25th%) and was 31 1/2 in. (almost 40th%). He is still on preemie charts, so when he's 2 and they take him off the charts and on to a regular 2 year old chart, we'll be nowhere near "on the charts" but who cares about those dumb ol' charts anyways! He had gained 800 grams since his 15 month visit and that was good. These pictures are of him in the waiting room at the Dr. office. It was early morning, so he was kinda out of it and his hair was CRAZY!!!

I was trying to get a picture of him eating his therapy bench but he kept hearing my camera beep and he would turn and flash this smile....

Here's my little woodchuck:

Ok ok ok ok HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We started the festivities at our church Trunk or Treat Wednesday night:

Here he is... 8 time Olympic gold medalist MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!!!!!

Kory gets the credit for the Phelps idea, I just had to make it happen. Not too hard once we found the "speedo" swim diaper cover thing on Target clearance. We liked the idea because it will be funny to look back on because the Michael Phelps thing was such a big deal this year. Not to mention the fact that Kanyon "Phelps", like the real thing, has an unusually long torso and giant feet and hands.
Mindi took these pics and she had to be fast...we weren't in our Phelps git up for very long because it was a bit chilly outside. So, he showed off his costume to his friends and then we had a quick costume change. BUT we kept with the water theme...He was a little froggy. Thanks to some friends of ours who gave us their boys' clothes, we had this costume to keep him warm!

"Talk to the webbed hand, Cooper!"

Here's our little froggy boy.

Phelps showing off his historic 8th gold medal:

See, it wasn't THAT cold, he was all grins!

Kanyon and I headed to Paris for the weekend. We had Halloween fun and then Birthday fun (another post). We went to Clay and Maurine's for a great dinner and the best trick or treating neighborhood. Here are the Spencer Cousins:
Landry the mouse

Avery the cat and Roselyn the hare Avery got a little emotional when she realized how beautiful her costume was. It was just too much for her

Paw Paw and Phelps

Me and Clint with our little spooks

"Enough with this stupid hat mom"

Ok, here's the gang. Avery and Landry were A cat and a mouse. Roselyn and Nolan were the tortoise and the hare. Nolan's shell was a bike helmet that clint painted and strapped on him. Nice.

I feel like it will be at least 10 years before we can get them to quit picking at each other (Rosie and kanyon) and ALL look at the camera (like Avery)!!!

We had a great time with the cousins. The big girls are starting to "get it" so that was fun. Speaking of girls, they turned 2 and had a party to celebrate! I'll do that post later. klp and I are headed to Dallas for this week's OCH therapy.


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I love his Phelps costume! Very creative and cute!

Good for you for not relying on the silly ole charts to determine Kanyon's progress. I know it is not easy to look at these charts and think Kanyon should be here and here but the important thing is that he is growing and progressing in many areas. So if anyone tells you differently just ignore them and just say the word, I will beat them up for you! :)

love you guys!

TexasNeals said...

OH MY WORD!!!!! that phleps costume is the cutest!!! what a great idea. it was just perfect. he looked adorable!!! :)

brownblog said...

I can't believe how much Kanyon is changing. He's starting to look like such a big boy & by the way kudos to your hubby on the Phelps costume idea. I think that is one of the best costumes I saw for Halloween!
Hope you guys are doing well.

ali said...

sooo cute! loved the group shot, they are all hilarious. :)

RachelShingleton said...

Oookay, that Phelps costume is probably THE most clever one I have seen all year. Kanyon looks SO proud of himself and of his medals! Hilarious!

Erin Faubus said...

Kanyon, by far has the best costume I saw all of Halloween. That is awesome. I love it!

Mark and Melissa Taylor said...

Very cute - I love the costumes. We loved the fighter costume last year, we love the swimmer, and we can't wait to see what he is next year! Looks like you guys had an awesome Halloween.

DCVol said...

Oh my word, the Phelps costume is sooooooo adorable and he is just the cutest little swimmer I've ever seen. Way to go on the weight gain~ I am so glad he's gaining well without that mean NG! I hold my breath every time B is placed on the scale and probably will until he's 16 :).

Daphney Harris said...

Kanyon definitely gets our vote for the cutest Halloween costume of 2008!!! He is too adorable! He rocked that outfit...it was like he knew exactly who he was portraying and did it to the fullest! Too precious!!!

Meagan said...

Kanyon is the cutest little boy in a Michael Phelps costume ever! I think he might just be the cutest little boy in general. Tell him it was good to hang out for a while last night!

The Davis Daily said...

What a great idea for a costume? I love it and I think the little turtle was very creative. Glad to hear that Kanyon is doing great and that he had a good Halloween.

tleaf10 said...

Yeah, I'm lovin the costume too! Kanyon is starting to look like a boy and not a baby - still sweet though :) I hope you are doing well and I hope Dallas treats you and Kanyon well!

Chelsa said...

love the phelp's idea! adorable!

cassi rash said...

Hope therapy this week goes well. Kanyon made a great Phelps. That was such a great idea! Too cute! Hope y'all are doing great!

Emily said...

I LOVE the costume! What a great idea! Lara said you had tried to e-mail me - they changed our work e-mail addresses a while back! It's now emilyw@allforkidsalaska.com

SORRY!!!! I hope therapy is going well. I'm so very interested in what they're doing and how he's responding. And I agree with Susan about the silly charts!

I just love all the pictures with smile after smile... so happy!

Kyla said...

LOVE the MP costume!!! I just can't get over how cute he looks with 8 gold medals around his neck. You should send that picture into Sports Illustrated, seriously! Hope to see you again soon. Kiss Kanyon for me!