Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"I'm too big for this BABY stuff!"

Well, Blogger is being so stupid! It keeps posting my pictures in totally random order, so this will be unorganized which really bothers me. BUT I have cupcakes to ice, so I gotta hurry!

The last week or 2 Kanyon has outgrown a few of his things. So here are his new ones and a look back at his old ones.

Here is his car seat. He is barely 20 lbs, but he is too tall for it...he looks like a giant in it. And yes, this is how he sits most of the time. He tries to sit up the whole time he's in it. He's not buckled in because I just wanted to get his pic. Not worth it.
Here he is in his first ride in the car seat leaving the hospital. Contrary to his performance for his car seat test (which he passed the 2nd time), he was NOT breathing at this point. I didn't say anything to anyone, I just stuck my hand behind his back to keep him up right. He just couldn't get all bent over, it was too much for him to breathe. Not the most peaceful ride home for me. We got the car seat adjusted to be at a better angle for him and he was fine. But I did ride in the backseat with him for a LONG time.
Big Boy in his big car seat. I am keeping him rear facing because he is barely 20 lbs. and I just feel like its safer. He's fine facing backwards, so I'm going to leave him until his legs get too long I guess!
One more pic of him in his car seat ready to go home. How tiny!!!!

Here is his new bath tub. I am stupid and thought it was bigger so I waited to get it out. I almost waited too long!! He could've used this so much sooner. Even before he could sit up good I think he could've sat in this and leaned back. Oh well.

Splish Splash (he is so modest to cover himself for all of these pictures!)

Last bath in the blue bath tub. This was a GREAT tub for us if you have a late sitter.

Tiny tub from the hospital. We bathed him NICU style for a while. I don't think this was his first bath at home because I didn't bathe him... I made my mom do it. I didn't have a CLUE what I was doing!! This is one of his firsts though...In case you don't remember the bubble head, you see his shunt drained the fluid on the outside of his head...that was before we got the permanent shunt.
Here he is with his old arm brace. The main goal was to keep his thumb out and maybe his hand open.

Check out the new one! Its a supinator splint. It keeps his thumb out, but also wraps around his arm to try and get it to turn in. He keeps his hand palm down all the time and we're trying to get it to at least neutral position to be more functional. You can see the difference in his arm position in these 2 pics. The first one, his palm is facing out behind his body. The second one, his palm is facing in towards his side...a more neutral position. So here he is sporting his new brace. So far he hasn't eaten it!

He has also outgrown some other things I had to put up. No more baby toys. I put a bunch of the babiest ones up in a box. He's either tired of them or too "mature" to just chew on them (though he does do that too). Christmas is coming at a good time. I also packed away all of his thumbies. He has absolutely no interest in them and hasn't had one in his mouth in I don't know how long. I couldn't throw them away for some reason, so I just put them in a baggie and put them up. I also cleared out the whole cabinet in my kitchen that was meds, NG tubes, NG tube equipment, all my syringes, tape, and other things I used to use for that stuff! YIPEEEEE!! I kept most of it because I just can't throw away perfectly good things (not because I plan on EVER having to use that again). The little man is growing up!


Gay said...

Oh dear, no more thumbies!!! What will I do?

Liis said...

I love the pictures. What a big boy you have!
Good luck.

Erin Rosser Westrom said...

He just has one of the cutest smiles I have ever seen; just melts your heart. He's so smiley in most pictures. Love the updates.

Hilary said...

Happy Thanksgiving..little kanyon is growing so fast...he looks so grown-up in his new carseat :) God is good :)

jb said...


I have followed your blog since Kanyon was born and love seeing his progress. I was just checking in on Kanyan and realized it was you I saw at the Siggie breakfast! I recognized you but didn't want to seem like the total blog stalker that I am by introducing myself! :) Kanyon is just precious and I know you are so proud of him! Happy Holidays!

Julie Beth Fox
Squig '95 :)