Monday, March 30, 2009

Birthday Party

I'm posting several posts today because we're going to be out of town at the end of this week and I don't want to get too behind. So, if you missed the last one, scroll down.

We celebrated Kanyon's 2nd birthday on Saturday. Everything went fine except the weather. It stopped raining but was really cold. So the whole backyard party didn't happen. Instead we had a half inside half in our junky garage. It was a great time with great family and a few great friends. Here is the table with the cake and dump trucks with snacks.

This was the table insided. The pictures hanging in the back are pictures of Kanyon with the people that were at the party.
These girls represent the families that came that weren't family. Does that make any sense?

Dump trucks with snacks and "dirt" in the big one. The 2 cupcakes were just random ones I had left over from making the cake.

klp was very smiley when everyone sang to him!

In our world, you ask his therapists for things he needs for his birthday. His PT said he was going to need a push toy that he could push on his knees, then maybe eventually stand and push. We had fun looking for that and the decision was easy when we saw this dump truck one! He hasn't quite figured out how to sit on it and hold on, but we'll get there. This picture looks like he is doing it perfectly, but we were pretty much holding him on and then snapping his picture. Either way, he's very proud of his new dump truck!

Jill pulled through BIG time and brought some riding toys for the little ones. They didn't care that it was cold outside! They had a blast, and Kanyon had fun watching them! As you can see, Mallory ate the red cupcake and Grayson ate the blue one! :)

klp was THRILLED with his little dump truck. The spinning wheels are more than he could ever ask for!

Little Addison made her first public appearance. She was born last summer at about 27 weeks and has spent her time after coming home from the NICU on house arrest like us. We've been able to hang out a lot, but it was fun to have her come to the party with lots of other people!!! I mean REALLY...look at her eyelashes!!!

The Briscoes just moved here from Kansas and are quite the KU fans. SOOO they gave Kanyon this AWESOME KU jersey and a KU basketball!

I could post millions of pictures of the party, but I'm trying to keep it reasonable! We had a great time with some family and a few friends. Thank you to EVERYONE for the calls, comments, emails, texts, with birthday wishes for our babies. We are so thankful and blessed with an incredible support system. One of the most amazing blessings of the last 2 years has been the people around us and how much they support us, remember us, and literally carry us through tough days. Thank you all so much. I could really write a WHOLE lot about this subject, but I'll just leave it at thank you and hope that you know how much we mean that.


Sydni said...

Looks like a great time! I've been waiting and waiting for this post - even though the party was only two days ago....

Did you like how the cake turned out?

Sydni said...

I think the cake is GREAT! I forgot to put that in my earlier comment. Sorry.

The McCarter Family said...

What fun! I can't believe he is already 2! You are so creative with all the dump truck stuff!

cassi rash said...

Looks like KLP had a wonderful time! I am super impressed with your dump truck cake. Too cute!

Jodi said...

Seriously, you win the Creative Mom award! What a FABULOUS party!!! :)

Again, happy birthday to your sweet babies.... and much MUCH love to you, Supermom. :) Glad you got to celebrate with lots of smiles!!

annalee said...

what a special day!

Kyla said...

Two of my favorite things about the party were the picture banners you made and the dump trucks with snacks in them. So clever!! You always think of everything. :)

Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

What a cute party. I love your cake, and the dump trucks w/ snacks in them, awesome! You did so good. I'm posting Libby's b-day pics and you can see how I'm not as creative as you. Hey, you look great. I have that outfit in blue. Where you been all my life?

Marianne said...

Love, Love, Love the Cake!! All the decoration--especially the goodies in the dump trucks--are so creative! klp is one well-loved little boy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kanyon!

Of course, we think about Jayde and love you all.