Monday, March 30, 2009

The Cake

I'm not showing you this because I think this is the best cake in the world. In fact, I could go on and ON and ON about the things I would do different and the things I don't like about it. BUT here it is and it really wasn't hard! I was worried about cutting a cake into a certain shape, but it cut great. So if you have any shaped cake ideas, GO FOR IT!!

I used 2 boxed cake mixes. One in a 9x13 and then an 8x8 and 4 giant muffins. I started about by tracing my 9x13 pan and my 8x8 pan on white paper. I cut those pieces of paper in to the shape I wanted the truck to be.

Bake the cakes and let them cool (but not too much) flip them over face down so the top is flat.

Then you're ready to cut. I used that template to cut the cake. In this picture, I have the "template" laid over the cake and I am trimming the cake. The trimmings were perfect for filling in the bottom of the cake where it wasn't completely level. They were also good for eating while we worked. Until I could get the cake under there, we used raisin boxes and coke lids...whatever works, right?

This is the main part cut from the 9x13 cake. The white is flour. We used a lot of flour to make sure the cake didn't stick.

Then I decided where I wanted the wheels, and traced around the giant cupcakes where they were going to fit in and cut out a notch for the wheels/cupcakes.

all cut and working on propping with the trimmed pieces of cake.

We put a very very thin layer of plain icing over the whole cake to kind of seal it off so that when we iced it the crumbs wouldn't spread. Then I used a toothpick to make dots outlining where the different colors of icing would go....kind of drawing the parts on the cake.

Next comes the fun part...mixing colors! I just needed these three so it was easy. Thanks to my cake making pro friend Christy, she informed me that there is a red "no taste" coloring that you can buy. perfecto! Once they were mixed, I started spreading them on using the dots I made with toothpicks as my guide.

The next step is a must: give your baby the icing lid and he will love you forever!

While I was icing the cake, mom was working on the tires. She crunched up Oreos, covered the giant cupcakes in chocolate icing and then dipped the cupcakes into the oreos. I like the texture!

Next comes outlining. I just bought this tube of black and it was great. My decorating tips screwed right onto the tube!

My mom had seen an ocean cake somewhere that used crunched up Nilla Wafers for the sand. So we did that for our sand in the dump truck...kinda like the sand paper we used for the invitation. Again, I like the texture.

This is where I want to hand the thing over to my mom and make her do it, but I have to talk myself into doing this myself so that I'll be so good one day that my daughter will want me to do it for her! She is much better than me at writing, but I did it and it was OK.

Finished product!

This would've come out looking like a lump of junk if not for my mom!! It was fun and really not hard! Like I said, if I could go back I would change some things, but this was just fine. Especially for a boy who wouldn't touch cake with a 10 foot pole!

Somehow these got left off my other posts....In between the cake decorating, my dad and I were working in my flower beds. Kanyon wanted to help, so I gave him this pot. This is him gagging after getting some dirt in his mouth (he gags if ANYTHING other than his bottle...well, he even gags at that some....go in his mouth)

This is him going back for more.

Here is our little cowboy on his new toy. Chief and Gram sent this to klp for his birthday. It is called a Po-Knee and he LOVES it.It has straps that you put around the grown ups leg so that it stays on while the kid rides. You push his ear and it makes galloping noises. Ignore my nappy non washed non straightened, I've been baking or digging in my flowerbed all day hair. We dressed klp in his sheriff vest that The Hills from MT sent when he was born and his cowboy boots Chief and Gram bought him when he was born. Somehow we never got around to putting pants on him.

This concludes the birthday posts.....Way too much about way too little. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up so you may not hear from us for a while.


Russell and Sarah said...

Way to go on the cake! It turned out sooooo cute! Good job!

Connor, Kaylee, Tripp, and Thatcher said...

The cake is wonderful! Love that Gay helped you. You are one creative and loving Mom. Kanyon is blessed to have you!

Leah said...

Perfection! I am so impressed.

Kasey Lane McCollum said...

Very Impressive. You should be so proud. I love the Oreo texture as well.

Molly Woodall said...

WOW....I'm totally impressed! You and your Mom make a GREAT artistic team. That was awesome!
He looks so happy on his truck! He'll go lots of miles on that and on that horsey too!
Happy Birthday Kanyon!

Adam and Kristen (or doodle for some) said...

Your mom is a lump of junk.

amie said...

I am so impressed with your cake, seriously!!!..I bet your mom is proud!!

erin f. said...

That cake is incredible! I am already feeling like a uncreative mom in comparision to you and my child is not born looked great...seriously, I want to eat it.

Kyla said...

Love the cake! You did a great job! I am really big on moms making birthday cakes for their kids. Such a great tradition!

Holly said...

Jaymie these bday posts are fantastic! The party was awesome, you did such a great job on it! I thought everything looked so great. You are so creative!! Good thing I've enlisted your help for Addison's bday party ;)! So glad we could be there. Thanks for sharing the day with us. Addison enjoyed her debut, too!

Blake, Kenzie, Wyatt and Walker said...

Your cake was great. I don't think my mom and I could make one. LOL! But if Kaylee was with us we could she is the crafty one. Happy Birthday Kanyon!

Jodi said...

Wow.... I am so impressed!!! :) Seriously, that is a FABULOUS cake! And I am so glad you put the "how-to" on here... I love to make cakes and grabbed some tips from you! Cakes are SO expensive, so I made a pact with myself that I would make fun cakes for our girls' birthday parties every year. SO, thanks for the help!! (especially the "thin layer of icing first".... genius.)

Jodi said...

OH! And loooooooove the PoKnee. That is freakin awesome!

DCVol said...

That cake is sooooooo awesome! You rock and are such a creative mommy. Kanyon could not be any cuter on his horsie~ happy birthday to that sweet boy!

McGee Family said...

I loved that cake - very cute. The invitations were cute too.

I also have a couple of questions for you regarding "feeding camp" at OCH, if you wouldn't mind answering them. My daughter is headed that way and although I've read your posts about it, I'd like to get a better idea of what to expect.

jaymie said...

McGee family: i'd love to answer your questions...waht is your email address and i'll touch base with you about what to kind of expect.

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking for a year now and must finally jump in and comment because of this cake. We own a pastry shop so I think I can say with authority that the cake looks GREAT! Too bad you or your mom don't live a little closer to Fort Worth, we could us another good decorator at our shop.

We have never met but I feel like we "know" you anyway. I share the funny stories and pictures of klp with my kids and have also prayed with them about the painful parts as well. Thanks for opening up all of your lives to us. I know our family is better for having your story of faith to share with our kids.

Kristi Muller
Haltom City, TX

Hicks Family said...

Great Job, and love the picture of Kanyon on the horse with no pants and boots!

The Longley's said...

Jaymie -

Found your blog - Love reading it!! Your cake is awesome and you are such a great mommy. :) Hope things are going well.

Katie (Legler)

McGee Family said...

My email is