Thursday, March 12, 2009

I like to move it move it

I figured it would be fun, especially for our Montana family, to see how Kanyon gets around these days.  We are so thankful that he is moving even if it is his own unconventional ways.  

This first one is his original mode of transportation.  The lop sided army crawl.  When he first started this, he completely drug his left arm along but now actually brings it to the front...he still doesn't bare much weight on it as far as pulling himself, but he at least goes through the right motions.  However, he drags his RIGHT (his good one) leg, only using his left one.  Obviously we work a lot on getting both legs moving.  The fact is, he's found a way to get places and he can get there fast!  In a way, I think it works against us teaching him quadraped (normal) crawling. He doesn't NEED a way to move, he already has one!  But I feel like if he ever gets it he will be SO happy because this whole dragging himself across the floor is hard work!!!  And his clothes are always dirty at the end of the day because of matter how much i mop!!  

This is his most recent move.  Booty scoot.  I think he started it when it was hot outside and he didn't have on long pants and maybe his knees got sore from army crawling on the floor so he wanted to move without hurting his knees.  Whatev Kan, what ev.  You'll also see a pretty good representation of his relationship with this pig his buddy Cole gave him.  He really REALLY likes it, then he gets close to it and isn't so sure about it anymore.  

That's all for carry on and try not to have the song from the my title in your head the rest of the day.


Sydni said...

He really moves! I just loved these videos, THANK YOU! His reaction to the pig when he got close.. too, TOO cute. Oh, man.

Amy Porter said...

Hey...I need to borrow Kan for a little while...he would totally have my kitchen floor looking awesome if we just kept moving the pig know how much I hate cleaning my floor!! That is too cute!!

annalee said...

dear kanyon,
from one scooter from another, i love the way you move it, move it!
let's be friends!

Go To Girl said...

Jaymie, he is SO cute! I just love his little expressions!


cassi rash said...

Oh my goodness! His face towards the end of the pig clip are too funny...He's looking at it and then back at you like..."hhmm, kind of fun, kind of scary". Too cute!

ali said...

o man the booty scoot video at 15 seconds is so cute. i love his reach and then he's like mmm nope. miss you love you!

DCVol said...

Oh my cuteness~ that boy is soooo cute! Both scoots totally crack me up and he is doing SO AWESOME!!! Once again, Kanyon is a rock-star and Bennett's total inspiration to get his booty moving :). Hugs to you all~ KJS

Kyla said...

I am so impressed with both of his 'moves.' Seriously, it shows how strong and determined he is! - The look on his face when he decided he wasn't sure about the pig anymore was priceless!

Marianne said...

Actually, I think I might be scared of this pig, too!! GREAT scooting techniques. He could teach the army guys a move or two!