Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun with Family

We had a fast and furious week full of fun and major breaking of our house arrest rules! Me and klp left Longview Tuesday as usual for our weekly appointments in Dallas. We had our usual fun with Kasey and our extra special fun with Kyla and Chelsea! On Wed. after our appointments, I headed to Paris. Kory, my parents, brothers, and lots of extended family went to Austin to the State Basketball Tournament. Staying here alone was not an option so I headed to Paris. Maurine and her girls were healthy so we stayed with them. Rachel went to Dallas to see her parents but we missed her, Rosie, and Nolan SOOO MUCH! This is where the major breaking of the rules happened. Us in the house with a 2 year old and almost 1 year old. It was SOOOO fun!! The kids did great together and I think it was a good warm-up for klp as he prepares to enter a world where other small children exist! The weather was terribly cold and rainy the whole time so we stayed in, but we had lots of fun. Saturday, Maurine's mom and her niece and nephew were headed to Paris, so I left and headed to Gilmer. It was a great chance to get to spend time with my grandma when there's not 100 people at her house! We had lots of fun! Sunday we came back home and Kory made it back too. We were so glad to be together again and my washing machine has been running not stop!! It was a fun week!

While at Kasey's, I got a better video of him crawling. I think this shows his speed a little better.

The eye dr. gave us lots of patches but I ran out so I had to order more online. I ordered the wrong size and they're smaller than the ones the dr. gave us. Paranoid he could see out of them and thus making the patching completely pointless, I did this to ensure total coverage! Can you tell he's a little confused/angry?!!

He's so sweet to smile for me. Yes, his teeth are orange. No, its not from eating orange colored icing or Cheetos or anything orange. I wish. I have to put this sealer stuff on his teeth every month since we can't brush his teeth (along the same lines of not eating). I didn't notice this until I looked at the picture after I took it. Kinda freaky.
Now for a few pics from Paris. Here we are in the bathtub. Avery and Landry were a little overwhelmed with the "bathing with Kanyon" experience. They weren't used to his extreme splashing. I love their faces.....and his look of total concentration.

NO WAY we could get them all to look, but aren't they cute? And modest.

Yeah right way. But they did look so cute all wrapped up in their towels.

Avery decided that she needed to poo poo so we all somehow ended up in the bathroom with her. We quickly realized she didn't really have to go to the restroom, she just wanted a sucker.

I'm not sure there was ever a point where all 3 kids were fully dressed...this was close. Kanyon's pants were falling off all weekend because they have lots of carpet and that really makes his pants fall when he crawls.

klp did lots of this: licking the window on the back door. Don't ask me why. Maybe he liked that it was cold, I don't know. He's kinda weird.
We missed RoRo and Nolan SOO MUCH! And Rach, we really REALLY missed you!

Here is klp helping Nanny in the kitchen. I LOVE this pic!

We're back home and packing to leave for our weekly Dallas trip tomorrow!! UGHH!!


erin f. said...

Kanyon is such a smiley little guy, I love it. You've got to do the boy/girl cousin bathtub pictures to someday embarass them with! They are all pretty darn cute!

mindy said...

Oh, I am so proud of this boy! I was thinking the other day as I read your post that I've never seen him in person, never touched his soft baby skin, never felt the baby breath they blow when close to someone who loves them...but I love him. He is in my heart every day. He is a fighter...has been since the day he came into this world. I think how proud everyone must be and especially his sister. I truly believe that even though she is not with you, she is with you through Kanyon. They grew together in your womb and their lives were so very intertwined. Kanyon has the best of Kanyon and the best of Jayde. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of her and how she is her brother's biggest cheerleader. You and Kory are doing an amazing job and I know that Kanyon is going to amaze us all as he continues to grow. The Lord has done great things...hugs!