Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pre-Party Post

I have a few pictures of things I want to post before I get into the birthday party posts.

Last week, Kory was able to go with us to Dallas for our weekly appointments. We had his 2 year appointment with his Preemie Dr. and Child Dev. Specialist at Children's and then we headed over to Our Children's House for his regular therapy. The Preemie Dr. went good. They assess his gross motor, fine motor, cognitive, expressive langauge, and receptive language. He had gone up in all areas and had gone up the most in fine motor and receptive language. They see his progress and that is what they look for, so they were happy. It was so great for Kory to meet this Dr. and all of the therapists and see what we do every week. He says now when I talk about therapy and stuff it will all make more sense to him. It was also great for me to have an extra pair of hands around to help me!!
Can you tell Kanyon was thrilled that Kory was actually there with him!!!

Waiting in the waiting room is more fun when Daddy is with us!

I canceled therapy on Wed. so we could all ride back to Longview together. We stopped and ate at Cracker Barrel and Kanyon chewed on this straw the entire time! Now we know how to keep him occupied if we go out to eat. Keep in mind, we've never really done this before because we haven't been able to get out!
Just a funny picture. I keep telling klp that he needs whiskers to tell him if he can really fit through certain spaces. He gets himself stuck quite often.
March Maddness Update...notice anything different??? What is missing?? Kory isn't holding the rabbit ears!! Thanks to bff Jenna for telling us the right antennae to buy! It works pretty good most of the time...and I'd say it adds quite a bit of style to our home with all the things stacked up in the window. I think it would work even better outside, but we really don't want to mess with that.

I didn't do this on purpose, but I realized that Kanyon had on every piece of equipment possible the other night. Poor baby. He doesn't look too bothered in this picture! In all honestly, the only thing that really upsets him is the patch. He hates it. Me too.

I love it when he wears his hoodie!

It just makes me giggle to see him from behind with that hood on!

Then end of an era: Kanyon spent his last day with his church ladies. They were the ones that kept him by himself in his own room ( since he couldn't go to the nursery) so that we could go to class and worship without him. It was the greatest thing in the whole world! Last Sunday Teresa kept him and her mom and sister were in town so they had quite a party for his last week! Erin, now your mom, sister, and grandma have gotten to chill with Kan more than you!! :) We GOTTA get together!!!! ha ha :) klp will start going to the nursery from now on. That is a crazy feeling. It may be after Easter before we're back in town, but when we are, he'll get to go. That is a crazy thought to me! Thank you SOOO much to all of these ladies!!

Ok, that is about next post will be a party post!


cassi rash said...

I love the pictures of Kanyon with Kory in the waiting room. He looks ecstatic! I know you were glad to have him there and glad to be done with house arrest!

erin f. said...

The picture of my mom and Teresa and grandma just threw me for a loop. I was just reading along and then said out loud "there's my mom!" Ha. We DO need to get together...any chance you will be going to Mallory's wedding in June? I will be like 8 months pregnant, but do not plan on missing it! Glad they got to see you guys and be with Kanyon, even though I am a little jealous. Love you guys.

Sydni said...

What great ladies! This is such a huge thing to be through with house arrest! I too loved the Kory/Kanyon pics and the hoodie pictures and the stuck picture... well, all the pictures actually.

Robyn said...

Your dump truck stuff looked so creative--I may use that idea for Shad's birthday this week--wouldn't he love that? That Kanyon is sure looking more and more like a big boy and has such a wonderful smile in these pictures. Hope y'all are having a good week!

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