Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kanyon on his new bike

I've mentioned a couple of times lately that klp got a new bike.  The one he had before was too small, so our PT took it to another little one and brought us this one.  We decided to go with regular handle bars (instead of "arm pedal" type things) and I think it was the perfect call by PT Celia.  He LOVES his bike.  He is strapped in with a vest looking thing mostly to keep his left shoulder back so that he doesn't try to draw up his left arm which is what his muscle tone tries to do.  Our driveway is on a slope and so is our entire street so klp never gets a chance to ride on flat ground, therefore we didn't really know what he could do.  So one afternoon we went to a nearby church parking lot to let him ride his bike (which he asks to do EVERY SINGLE DAY).  In the video you will see:

1.  What he did the second we put him on his bike.  Remember, he had never been totally let go because of the slope of our street/driveway.  This was his maiden voyage.  Prepare to be impressed.

2.  While riding, he goes towards a basketball goal and does his obligatory "boom" and "shoots"at the goal.  He's such a baller.

3.  His "too cool" wave that he gives me when he drives past me.  Cracks me up.

Feast your eyes on this............

Can't tell you how happy we were to see this.  We were proud of him and what he is able to accomplish physically (pedaling, speed control, steering, figured out how to go backwards to get out of a tight spot by the end of the ride, etc.), but more than that we are so happy FOR him that he can DO SOMETHING that he wants to do so bad.  He is totally independent (minus a few reminders to not run over people) and that is a FIRST for us.  We've already ridden bikes with friends and I can't tell you how great it is to stand with the other moms while ALL of our kids ride bikes.....instead of me pushing Kanyon while everyone else rides.  We are thankful for the Ambucs organization that makes sure kids of all abilities get to ride a bike! :)


KParish said...

Go Kanyon! That is awesome! Did you cry a little bit? I would have, but I'm a baby.

drewcorbitt said...

'Sup, momz. Just ridin' m'bike.

Jodi said...

The previous comment made me lol. TOTALLY what he was sayin'!

You have got to be KIDDING ME!!! Kanyon, you've got some MAD biking skills!!!!!!!!!! Unreal. I am just beyond THRILLED for him! And you! Already watched the video 3 times... think I might just make it 4 or 5 real quick... :)

Marianne said...

Kanyon is my hero! Wow! His bike riding skills are super! And, don't be too hard on his singing. I thought he did pretty darn good!!

Kyla said...

Watching him do something like this makes ME beam with pride for him...I can't imagine how I would feel if I were his parents. Seriously, I am so proud of him!! And it makes me so so SO happy for you, Jaymie, for this to be like you said- an opportunity for him to do something he wants to do with other kids. Awesome for him, awesome for you!