Friday, March 16, 2012

People we love, Good times together, Bragging, and Helping


Paw Paw and Gay Gay (who took this picture).  Because who else would do this........... 

knowing that you'll end up doing this.........

and because they read REALLY good stories.  

Another person we love: Paisley!  Our friends Trent, Karessa, and sweet baby Paisley got to come to town for a visit and despite the picture, we loved seeing them.  We just waited a bit too long to take the picture.  :)

Well, its not a person, but Quinn LOVES any basketball. As you can see, he takes one wherever he goes.  

I love how klp is peering over q's shoulder to try and see the book.  

Having a snack on the back porch and having a good laugh too.  

$1 swords at Target.  Lots of sword fights and only a few tears.  


I'll start bragging with Q's fashion sense.  We were watching the Oscars and he ends up like this.  He had obviously seen that the one shoulder gown was IN this year.  Or he's in to togas.  Or he wanted to wear Daddy's shirt and it was just TOO BIG.  

klp did this puzzle all by himself.  We don't do a lot of puzzles. Neither of they boys really spend any time when we have them out so I had no clue how well klp would do.  I'd say he did great! 

He also did this all on his own at school! 

HELPING: klp is lots of help in the kitchen! He was washing potatoes here, a very cowboy thing to do.  

Q man loves loading the washer. I have to make sure the lid stays closed or else there's no telling what I'd end up washing! 


KParish said...

Yahoo! So glad we made the blog. Well, actually P made the blog, but I will take credit for her. Love yall right back.

ewall said...

So I tried to teach my nephews the "wee wee" silly song from Deer Run...and I couldn't remember all the lines! And then I tried singing "At night as I lay on my pillow..." and think that I developed a new verse mid-singing :) You have lyrics to any of these songs? Much love Jaymie!