Friday, March 30, 2012

Kanyon's Mule Birthday

We headed to Paris for the weekend to celebrate 5 years.  We like to be there since that is where Jayde is buried and it sure saves the fam a lot of driving time.  Here we go with the celebration.  

Mom and I working on the cake.  When trying to think of a theme, it has to be something the kid actually likes. I don't want to just pick something out of a hat because its cute.  So I rolled around a few idea and then realized there was a very OBVIOUS choice. Especially considering we were going to be in Paris.  There are few things on this earth that klp loves more than The MULE!!  So we had  Mule cake.  

I drew one and then we cut it out and traced it on to the cake.  Again, my mom was there to help/advise/decide on colors and placement, etc.  I don't plan on ever making a cake without her.  

KLP and Paw Paw were in charge of the boys all morning.  They had been outside and then in to town to run errands.  We had just finished the cake when they got in.  Here is klp getting his first look.  When I asked him what it was on the cake I was relieved when he smiled and whispered (the Mule).  

qsp was so amazed by the cake, all he could do was pick his nose.  

There were LOTS of Mule rides all weekend.  

Paw Paw took the kids for a spin in the boat.  Though Q looks quite angry, he was really having fun.  

We had a drive by boat parade for Avery and Roselyn

KLP and Nolan did a little fishing

Within seconds, both boys were hanging out of the boat playing in the water.

We ditched Q and added Avery and Ro Ro.  klp got to stay in....he's the birthday boy!

Then the birthday boy got to drive the boat.  

Q played with a little cup at the edge of the water forEVER. He was loving filling it up and pouring it out over and over.  

The girls were begging to go swimming and no matter how cold we told them it would be, they just wouldn't give it up.  So the girls and Kanyon went for a swim.  Rachel took pics and I'm waiting for them, so I don't have any.  klp got cold pretty quick, but the girls swam for a little while.  They were quite chilly when they got out! :)  

(nice non-swim diaper, Kan man)

Here's the "party decor"....Great Uncle Pee Wee and Aunt Gwen Ann sell Mules at their shop, so they provided the sweet poster.  We now have it in klp's room.  

The cake.  btw, did anyone think I meant mule as in horse/donkey animal?  Sorry for the confusion.

.....another cake on Mom's long list.  She'll act like she doesn't do anything when we make these cakes but she's highly underestimating herself.  She's got lots of years worth of advice, tips, tricks, and know-how.  She's the real CAKE BOSS.  

After the swimming we took everyone on a celebratory Mule ride with the birthday boy, balloon, and everyone singing Happy Birthday!  

Can you see klp's face in this pic??? THAT is why the Mule party was the perfect "theme".  

And for the Birthday meal??  Hot dogs with ketchup....the birthday boys favorite (maybe rivaled only by a hamburger).  The cousins all ate outside.  Oh yeah, and CHEETOS! 

Happy Birthday to Kanyon! 

Singing and blowing out candles.  He doesn't eat cake, so this was the extent of his cake experience. 

Great Aunt Gwen Ann had these awesome Mule shirts made for the boys!  They were so proud of them!  

It was quite the weekend.  Mostly just a regular weekend with a little birthday flare Saturday night. We had a great time celebrating our Mule-lovin' Birthday Boy!!!


Kipley said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend! Can't believe that Kanyon is already 5...time flies! And...I am so impressed with your cake. Can you or Gay come my way for Wyatt's 3rd bday? Congrats on the upcoming arrival of baby #3. You look great!

Kyla said...

Happy birthday, Kanyon!!! What a fun party. Love the 'Mule' theme. :) Love the shirts, awesome cake... can't believe we have kids that are 5!! Oh, and I think I see a little baby #3 bump. :)

Kathy Birt said...

So glad to see these pictures! Cant believe it's been 5 yrs since I held that tiny Kanyon in my arms in the delivery room. Happy Birthday Kanyon. Hugs and kisses from nurse Kathy!