Thursday, March 8, 2012

Weekend Update

Well, this post has no pictures, but contains information that is better than pictures.

The Phillips Phamily is growing!!!!  Yes, we are expecting a baby in August!  I am about 16 weeks along (but look like I'm 20 something) and we are all excited about the baby.

I'll go ahead and answer what some of you are probably wondering:

There's just one.

We will, again, wait to find out the gender until its BIRTH DAY!

Quinn's guess is boy, Kanyon's is girl. I don't have a feeling either way yet.

People keep saying, "Oh, so you're trying for a girl" my answer is always, "We're just trying for another baby." Either one is fine with us.

We are handling this pregnancy the same as we did with Quinn as far as my OB care.  I started my deliluten shots this week and will do that once a week until 36 weeks.  YOOOOUCH!  We will do ultrasounds and FFN tests every 2 weeks starting at 24 weeks.  Its fun to get to see baby that often, but it does make the chances higher of someone slipping and telling us what it is.  THEY BETTER NOT! I see the Dr. more often starting at 24 weeks, but its nice to feel like we're keeping a close watch on things.  Having a "successful pregnancy" under my belt now does bring some comfort.  I know its possible for me to carry to term.  But the fear of the first pregnancy still lingers.

The boys pray for "baby in Mommy's tummy" daily and the other night at supper, qsp prayed "Mommy feel better" (I guess they're ready for this "first trimester" yuckiness to pass.)

We have our "big" 20 week ultrasound in a month so we are prayerfully looking forward to that and would, of course, love nothing more than to hear we have a healthy baby growing.

My due date is August 21 but we will have to deliver a week or two sooner so I'll announce the birth day as soon as we schedule it.

I plan on buying a really big swimsuit and staying in the water all summer.  How else would I survive an East Texas summer gigantically pregnant! :)

We appreciate your prayers as we grow! :)


Marianne said...

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! I am so excited for you! Praying for a continued "normal" pregnancy and healthy baby! Love you!!!

erin f. said...

I knew you would do this to us! I don't know how you do it waiting to find out but I am sure it is worth the wait on the day of delivery. So exciting!

I hope you feel better soon. I know the feeling of a summer pregnancy, Ellie was born the 22nd of August and I threw all modesty out the window by the end!

Anonymous said...

We're so excited for y'all! I'm praying for a healthy happy pregnancy and baby!!! Congratulations Phillips Pham!!!

CJ said...

Congrats!! I hope you get a girl! :)

annalee said...

hip hip hooray! couldn't be more excited for your pham!

Specks said...

Oh. My. Word. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I cannot believe that we are basically due at the exact same time...I am hoping for a C section 8/16 or 8/17~ oh how I wish we lived in the same town!!! I am praying for you and cannot tell you how happy I am for you guys~ the similarities of our two families is truly mind boggling and ONE DAY we will all get together to hang out :).

Hilary said...

So exciting...Praying up here in the Panhandle for you :) Yeah!! I bet those sweet boys are excited to be "big" brothers!! :) :)

Jack's Mom said...

Congratulations!!! Three is a trip, so buckle your seat belt! LOL. We will be praying for a safe and healthy pregnancy!

Kelli said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news, and I am so excited for y'all! No doubt about it, your boys will be the cutest big brothers ever! Praying for a wonderful, easy pregnancy, and healthy baby.