Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Fun

Saturday night the boys tried their hands at egg dying.....

Kinsey, a girl from our youth group at church, was home from college for the weekend so she came over to visit. It was so fun to have her with us and the boys were SOOOOOOO excited she was there to play with them! :) 

The boys actually liked this and stayed interested longer than I expected. I should've boiled more eggs.  

klp was making sure I saw that his hand was turning colors....

Almost all the eggs ended up a lovely shade of greenish brown by the time the night was over, but these boys sure did have fun dipping and mixing.  Here is q showing off a couple of eggs....and Hulk arms.  

If he could've figured out how to drop them in the cup GENTLY, klp would've been a pro :)

Happy green hands!

oh dear. 

I wrote their names on an egg and wanted their picture with their name eggs.  BUT the concept of holding something up to show me without covering their face is almost IMPOSSIBLE to grasp...ahhhh!!!!

but this little series of pics did kinda make me laugh, so I'm putting them all up.  

Not covering their faces, but not even close to looking at the camera.  

I am only posting this one because klp looks SOOOOOOOOOOO STINKIN' CUTE! 

By the end of the decorating fun, not only were they all brown, but I don't think there was a single one that wasn't cracked.  The boys were just a little rough.  YIKES! Q's name one, literally had egg coming out. sheesh.  

Our final collection.  We ended up boiling a few more eggs, but by the time we got done, it was late and the boys had moved on to something else.  That was ok though because then me, KLP, and Kinsey got to decorate one.  It was fun! :) Notice all the nice, spider webby cracks.  

On Sunday, we woke them up early so they'd have plenty of time to hunt eggs before church.  Nothin' like sleepy face Easter basket pics! :) 

headed out the door! 

klp wasn't all that in to the hunting.  He would gasp when he found one (whether he really saw one or not) but was pretty much done after 5-6 eggs......all he wanted to do was swing.  

so swing he did! :) 

I deleted the picture of Q hunting, but he did good.  He didn't move fast, but he stuck with it and had fun.  

Here they are with their eggs :)

These pictures could be titled: "While the neighbors were calling CPS" I wanted to take picture before church because I wasn't sure what state the boys or their clothes would be in after church.  The boys were NOT COOPERATING.  We were begging, threatening, clapping, yelling, and threatening some more to just get them to LOOK.  They weren't being bad, they just wouldn't LOOK! UGHH!!  But we got a couple. And woke up all the neighbors, And probably scared all the neighbors.  Oh well.  

We were able to take a few after church and they seemed like they were in more of a mood for looking at the camera.  Too bad I hand't wiped klp's lunch off his face as well as I thought I had.  

Though this picture needs to be cropped and I'm awkwardly bent over trying to help klp stand up, I had to post this because of q's pose.  What in the world???!! haha!  Oh yeah, and there's my belly.  Its getting pretty big.

 One last brother pic to end the post.  


Marianne said...

Sweet, sweet brother pictures. Egg dyeing is too funny!!! So much fun. You look WONDERFUL!!

Jodi said...

You have got to be KIDDING ME.... Quinn looks SO BIG! Seriously, what happened?!?!?! That first brother pic, right before CPS was called, is so precious I could just squeeze them! And q looks SO big. Love it. And you are too cute, there, Momma.

Alli said...

Such handsome boys! In the third pic from the bottom Kanyon practically looks like he could head to third grade - so grown up! It was good to see you & those boys this weekend, even though I'm sure you would have preferred to come solo. And after seeing their dribbling skills, I think I seriously need to work with my kids on that. :)