Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March in Review

March is already gone and I missed a lot of blogging, so here is a picture overload month in review.  

Our friend Greg came back to stay with us for a while.  He's a boy from Kory's hometown that is a freshman at Harding.  We get to be his home base when he can't quite make it all the way back to Montana.  During his spring break, he spent a few days with us and the boys LOVED it as usual.  

We went to my grandparents' house one afternoon to fish.  He and Kan man had a great time.  

This hat that klp is wearing is classic.  My grandpa always had lots of caps on hand for everyone to wear.  The same ones we wore still hang by the back door so its fun for the new kids to wear them.  :)

q L-O-V-E-S his Daddy.  He wanted to snuggle with Daddy a little bit one night before bed.  

While the boys were all gone to the state tournament, us moms got to spend lots of time together.  Rachel came to Longview to join the fun.  Here are way too many kids in one tub.  We planned on splitting up bath time, but they would have nothing of that plan.  

Enjoying the nice spring weather creating masterpieces on the sidewalk.  

Spaghetti anyone?

q spends more time painting his arm than he does his paper.  Oh well.  Personal expression, right?


Both boys LOVE to dribble Daddy's basketball.  This day q managed to get Daddy's shoes on too.  He was feeling reeeeeeeeeal big.  

Both boys had on sunglasses in the car one day and it was funny because they put them on themselves so they were sideways and upside down.  I tried to take a picture, but i was driving so I just held up my camera and took it.  I completely missed klp, but caught q jammin'.  

March Maddness is taken very seriously around here.  A game on the TV and a game on the iPad.  We can't miss a MINUTE.  :)  

Chandler wore her boots to church one Sunday so we got this sweet pic of the kids with their boots on.  

klp  had a check up with the Developmental Disabilities Clinic at Scottish Rite.  Its always a LOOOONG day.  This time we were there 2 1/2 hrs and that was our shortest visit yet.  We like it though because lots of people check in with him and we get to talk a lot to the Dr. and we really like him.  We are moving right a long with most things and have a few things to think about/work on, but are thankful for progress and maturity!  Kory went with me so we had a fun day with just Kan Man (while Q was at home with Gay Gay all to himself).  Here is the big boy walking down the hall at the hospital.

...and checking out the fish

We did a little bit of shopping and then ate lunch before heading home.  Days like this make me feel like klp is so big!  He was such a treat all day and we had a great time.  

We left early that morning, so he was zonked out about 5 min. into our trip home.  sweet boy. 

I have made smoothies for klp for breakfast for a couple of years now. I can put lots of stuff that he needs in there all while squeezing 300-400 calories into the smoothie. It never occurred to me to give them to Q (dumb me, I know).  The other day I had made a big batch of smoothies and he kept asking me for "Some Movies"  It took me forever to realize that some movies=smoothies.  Cuteness.  He got his some movies and loved it.  

We went to the park one morning with some buddies.  There was an entire playground and bike riding going on, but q spotted the basketball goals and that is ALL he wanted to do.  So we played pretend bball until I could peel him away from that to join his friends.  :)

We had a tragedy at Christmas....we lost klp's hat.  We have looked all over and can't find it.  So for his birthday I wanted to get him a new one.  We couldn't find any good Montana State ones like he had so my AWESOME sister in law, Sydni got on it and sent us not one, not two, but three MSU hats!! Both boys are SOOOO happy! (and the baby will no doubt be happy with his/hers too!)

klp got a Dr. kit for his bday.  Here they are playing Dr. with some animals.  The first time we played with it, I told q that maybe the elephant needed a shot and so he held up the toy and started making a gun noise.  Oh dear.  Not that kind of shot.  Its still 50/50 whether or not a Dr. shot is going to be more like a gun or an actual injection.  boys boys boys.  

We got klp a little slide/climbing toy thing for outside.  We wanted him to have something outside that he could do 100% on his own.  Kory put it together one night after work and it was dark before he finished but the boys just had to get in a slide or two before bed.  
The next morning we were out on the "slide" ASAP

They didn't even want to leave it to eat their apples, so they ate them right there.  

klp made this sweet hat at school the other day.  

Thats March in a nutshell....a big nutshell.

Sidenote: As I finish typing this, my boys are beside me saying "POO POO!" to each other and DYING LAUGHING! Really???!!  I have a lifetime ahead of me of taming potty humor, I didn't expect it to start this soon.  Sheesh.  :)

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