Thursday, April 26, 2012

More singing from the Phillips Boys

We were in the car one night and the boys were in a particularly "singy" mood so I got them on video singing a couple of their favorites.

Here is Q singing "My Home's in Montana" Its a cute little song Gram sings to them.  In case you can't quite understand the words he's saying are: My home's in Montana-I wear a bandana- My spurs are of silver- My pony is gray- When riding the ranges, my luck never changes-With feet in the stirrup I gallop away.  

The next two are a mess. They were singing Jesus Loves Me, but between interrupting each other and asking to watch themselves on the camera, its really just a hectic mess of a concert.  I do find it funny that Q starts all over each time klp interrupts him.  haha.  And Q ends his video picking his nose and klp starts his video picking his nose.  Where are these kids' manners??????!! SHEEEESH!

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Marianne said...

I love it that Gram sings that song to him. It was in our 3rd grade music book and my kids LOVED it!!! Precious!!!