Wednesday, July 11, 2012


These 2 yay-hoos seen here Rodeo-ing on horseback and alligatorback are now officially roommates!  

We made the move to room sharing AND big boy bed sleeping a couple of weeks ago.  I mentioned before, klp ditched the crib and started sleeping in his bed a while back and had an almost seamless transition.  We decided to throw in the wild card about a week and a half ago and put q in the room in his big boy bed (which we are actually NOT calling a big boy bed....I'll explain later).  I'd say its gone really well.  We knew it wouldn't be perfect, but some things that we were expecting to be horrible haven't been.....aaaaaand some things have been worse, but oh well.  

The first night was comical. KLP and I really didn't make a plan and kind of just threw it on the boys, so I can't blame them for spazing out, but they did.  I walked out and they were screaming and Q was at the door in 2 seconds. They eventually settled down, but it wasn't pretty.  The second night there was still the crying and Q got up once, but they settled down in about 10 minutes.  Since then, going to bed has been zero trouble.  The mornings are where the trouble has been.  

So, the transition has been good and bad.  Bad news first.....

I have had to give up some major luxuries.  Both boys woke up super happy and super happy to stay in their beds and play.  That allowed me more time to wake up myself and not have to hurry and jump up and be "on" immediately.  That's the biggie for me and it is no more. I know, I know, cry me a river....but I've had it good for so long I got spoiled.  I think I could make them stay in their beds, but I don't want them to because I don't want them to wake the other one up.  I could get them to go back to sleep, but not without a fight and the fight would wake the other up and then it would all be over.  I give.  

If Q ever woke up early, he would always suck his thumb and go back to sleep.  Now he just gets up.  

All of this has led to EARLIER MORNINGS.  BOOOOO.  I am not a morning person.  They used to sleep til at least 8.  Not anymore.  BOOOOOO.  

Quinn thinks its cool to go wake klp up when he wakes up. He also takes it upon himself to turn off the sound machine (which is probably what wakes klp up).  I caught him in the act today, thanks to the video monitor. It was quite a site watching him high tail it back to his bed the second he heard the door open.  Little rascal.  

The bottom line is they are going to wake each other up and that is BAD NEWS.  

Putting them down at the same time.  KLP and I usually just take turns and its nice to have a "night off".  Its nice to do the routine once instead of twice.  

klp has actually almost completely quit screaming when we walk out of the room.  He's done it for almost 3 years.  99% of the time he would scream his head off when we would leave and then after a few minutes, he'd go to sleep.  Now when we leave, he might whine a tiny bit, but usually he is quiet.  Both of them are.  Its amazing.  

Its cute.  The whole sharing a room thing.  Good stuff.  

One of the main things I was worried about was nap time.  klp doesn't always take a nap and even when he does he sometimes plays in his bed some before going to sleep.  Q on the other hand is still a BIG nap taker and I was not ready to risk that.  So, our solution was to make q think it was the coolest thing in the world to have 2 beds.  So during the day, he still sleeps in his crib.  Thats why we don't want to call his twin bed a big boy bed because we don't want him to NOT want to be in the "baby" bed.  So we have a day time bed and a night time bed (also called the cowboy bed).  Its worked with no trouble.  klp still gets to have his loud nap where even if he doesn't sleep he plays on his bed great and Q still gets to take a long uninterrupted nap in the afternoons.  YAY!  We are in no hurry for the nursery because Baby will be in our room for a while, so we can do the crib/bed thing as long as we need to.  I'm very happy with that.  

I love having all of their clothes and stuff in one room.  It makes putting clothes up so much easier its all in one closet and one dresser. 

Here they are on night #2.  Daddy reading them the frog book...

snoozing Q (I think thats a ghost spot above his head...heee heee....or dust particles). He refuses covers.  Always has.  

Very blurry phone pic in the dark, but its both of them snoozing away.  They each have a cushion in case of fall-off.  Q has an alligator, klp has shams from the old bed in that room.  Both have been put to use. :) The room decor is still under construction, so don't judge the dresser cuteness or anything else.  Baby steps.  

Went to check on the boys before I went to bed and found q sawing logs on top of his alligator and boot pillow.  We never heard a sound and I'm guessing it never woke him up (because I'm pretty sure he would've screamed his head off).  We put him back in bed and he never knew it.  Glad we had the soft landing for him.  Sorry for the blur. 

Q's last night in his crib.  Why are sleeping pictures SOOOO CUTE to me??!?! 

The big brother.  According to him, its still "his room" and he loves the night time when Bubba gets to sleep in his room with him.  :)  And he's really cute sleeping.  

I figure they'll be roommates til they go to college, so I hope they like it.  


Anonymous said...

Not a ghost spot, it is a halo. Kids are angels when they are asleep :)

KParish said...

Sooo cute! They are going to have so much fun sharing that room. I have more good news for you: P sleeps without covers, too, so it should be an easy transition when Q and P get married. :)

Kyla said...

I can't get motivated enough to update my blog right now so I'm just reading yours. :) I share all the same complaints that you do with my girls sharing a room...and the same joys. And I'm SO with you on the early morning thing. If it's before 8 I am not happy...and it usually is. I've been known to talk my girls into turing on Dora downstairs while I steal a few more minutes of sleep...but then I'll come downstairs to discover that Micah has eaten chips for breakfast. :)