Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer fun

Here's a peek into some of our summer fun:

klp loves to lay down in the bath tub. The water was almost gone in this one, but he was still loving it.  He's such a water baby.....err...big boy.  

They still love the clothes hamper in our bathroom.  They are quickly running out of room for both of them and slowly learning to PUT THE CLOTHES BACK IN WHEN THEY'RE DONE! 

playing school bus...the instagram version (jaymiegp if you wanna follow)

qsp's first taste of corn on the cob....I think he ate 3.  

The post bath, hooded towel look is just the cutest. 

My mom got the boys some window crayons. They created quite the masterpiece on our kitchen window.

Frozen watermelon popsicles....soooooo summer! 

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