Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cagle Cousin Camp

My mom's extended family decided to have a fun "camp" day this summer.  We usually only get together every other Thanksgiving so we thought it was a great idea! It was so fun.  Paige did a lot to get this day together (including the cute shirts) and even though the random gully washer that sent us all inside for 2-3 hours ruined the games she had planned, we still had a great time.

Cousin Lyneil rented this big bounce house.  Guess who loved it???!!!  He would've stayed in it all day long.

Q loved it too...this is him after I forced him to get out and get a drink of water....

Look at these sweet cousins....They look so sad.  Not sure why. 

I said, "Say BOUNCE HOUSE!!!" and this is what I got.  

This is the original 1st cousins that were there that day.  We were missing a few.

This is the next generation...again, missing several, but had a blast with the ones that were there.

And last but not least, the youngest batch of Cagle Cousins.  Remember how it rained so all these kids had to come inside and play??????? Yeah, it was loud.  But FUN.  

So what if the cheetos stay on your face all day.

Mom was, as usual, the best hostess in the world. And we pretty much have Paige to thank for putting this together.  YAY! 

When the rain finally stopped a few kids got in the pool.  Eventually their lips turned blue and they had to get out.  

It was a fun day and makes me so thankful for the BIG family we have.

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Marianne said...

WHAT A DAY!!! So wished that I had been there. Lots of cousins; lots of love!