Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July 4

If you've read our blog since the beginning, you know that July 4th is a big day in our family.  After 100 days in the NICU, we brought Kanyon home on July 4, 2007!!! We are always thankful but this time of year is a great reminder that whether or not things went perfectly, or were easy, we DID walk out those doors with our boy and he has brought us more joy that we could've ever imagined.  So, here we are 5 years later, joining our friends in celebrating our country, but secretly, we're celebrating our own Phillips Phamily Independence Day.  Those fireworks are for our little 1 pounder that high tailed it out of that hospital.  All the fun and togetherness is a celebration of family and on that day, our family was a little more complete.  HAPPY COMING HOME DAY KAN MAN!!!  

We are usually in Montana, but Baby Phillips kept us here this year. We REALLY missed being there and it felt so funny to be here in Longview on the 4th.  We missed the hay cutting, cool evenings, and of course the family.  The good thing is we were able to go to our church's annual celeration. It was lots of fun and a nice treat since we usually aren't here for it.  So that is what most of these pictures are......

Phillips Phamily

Some of the kids getting ready for the firework show (notice Addison is already covering her ears)

This is a run-down on the firework show for us.  With the first BOOM, all the kids previously on the blankets were in someone's lap (and most of them were screaming).  Trent covered his face with his blanket and never moved it the whole 30 min. show.  As expected, Q freaked out, but then settled in and enjoyed the show.  Luckily I had his blanket which I think helped. klp was a little unsure at first (therefore made his way to Daddy's lap) but then LOVED it.  The louder the better for that kid.  When asked about fireworks he will tell you "I saw fireworks way up high and Bubba cried." haha

We did a few sparklers at our house.....

We were curious to see what qsp would do.  He had to do a full inspection first......

but then he LOVED them!  He couldn't get enough! 

We enjoyed SO MUCH having Daddy home with us all day. What a treat.  We did things like eat watermelon

and play with the fun treats Daddy brought home.  They loved those popper things you throw down.  They went through the box really fast! 

waiting for the next POP!

They got these little guns that shot confetti.  They were under-impressed with the confetti, but played with the guns for days.  

Sometimes you just gotta sit back and take it all in...... (unless you're klp and then you drive your car up to the water table and play a while)

We went for a swim with our cousins!

Happy Birthday America. and HAPPY HOME DAY KANYON!!!!!  

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Marianne said...

A great homecoming it was in 2007. A day so many of your "followers" had been praying for. klp has continued to amaze us for 5 years and I know he will continue that for many years to come. Of course, he has AMAZING parents, so that must account for SOMETHING! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!