Monday, March 4, 2013

A Few of our Favorite People

This is not an exhaustive list, but here are a few recent pictures of a few of our favorite people: 

Trent.  Mindi (Trent's mom) sent me this picture because he flipped his chair over and started walking with it like this and said, "I'm walking like Kanyon!"  haha! What a smart boy to turn his chair into a walker like Kanyon's!  I could eat this little boy up he's so sweet!  Sidenote: there is nothing in the world better than the friends we are surrounded by.  These kids know Kanyon and take such good care of him.  There's something to say for them all being around each other since they were born and even though they don't understand all of the reasons why things are different for Kanyon (like how he can be older than them but still not walk (ha!ha!)) they all know him and he is just a part of the group. My heart is VERY warm.  

Dr. Chris.  He's a good man and a good Dr.  Here he is giving Quinn his 3 yr. check up.  We are thankful for him and how he has gone above and beyond for us time and time again.  

GRANDMAS!!!  Gram and Gay Gay were both at my house for about an hour one day.  Gram was coming, Gay Gay was going, but it was fun for that hour! These 2 came to the rescue after the heart attack and we are again reminded that we COULD NOT do it without our moms.  Plus they made it a pretty awesome time for my kids.  They probably want me to go back to the hospital so Gram and Gay Gay can come back! 

The Porters! They signed up to bring dinner one night after I came home from the hospital so they all came and we ate together like the old days.  They were some of our first friends in Longview and still are the best of the best we just NEVER get to hang out like we used to.  Lots of kids, lots of stuff going on, and they moved way on the other side of town.  Boo.  We loved getting to hang out somewhere other than the foyer at church! 

More Gram! 

Daddy is always a favorite of ours, but he really earned this title a few weeks ago.  Quinn and Jaylie got the croup so he was in charge of bundling them up and sitting with them outside in the cold air.  His  Montana raisin' served us well because he doesn't even get cold (notice the flip flops) and I was freezing just taking the picture!  

Jaylie June is under that blanket somewhere.  It was quite a site at 2am when she got fussy just sitting there so he walked around our back yard with her.  I'm sure the neighbors were confused. 

Kory convinced me to sit out there with them for a little bit. It was fun and all, but I GET TOO COLD! 

These girls are some of my favorite people ever!!! We had our annual girls weekend and this year we were at Possum Kingdom lake. It was so great to be with these girls and laugh, talk, laugh, cry, laugh talk, eat, talk, laugh, eat, talk, talk, talk! Reliving the college days is always a good time.  Its impossible to get the WHOLE gang, so we missed some but had a blast! 

Meg (Jaylie's bff...born 1 day after her) 

Sweet Meg is putting her arm on Jaylie's motherly.  The ol' heart attack took me out of the social game for a while, so it was fun to have these gals together again! 

chattin' it up at small group

Kalon. Quinn is only 2 weeks older than him so these 2 boys have a blast together.  They are total opposites in so many ways and it cracks us up.  His mom and I compare stories and laugh because they are black and white, but it works.  He is one of Quinn's favorite friends! 

Gary and Sharon.  We have the BEST couple here that I know I've mentioned before.  They treat us like their own and we love them so much.  They kept Quinn one day while I took Kanyon and Jaylie to Kanyon's Dr. in Dallas.  Quinn had the best day with them.  

He and Gary played some golf and Quinn learned to drive the scooter. Ha Ha. 

My typing is messing up but the picture above is of my Aunt and Uncle.  They are FAVORITES and always have been.  We love living in the same town and doing fun things with them.  This particular picture was taken at a basketball game.  

Nanny Lou. She is a favorite person to a lot of people but especially her grandkids and great grand kids!  So thankful my kids get to be around her! 

These are a few of our FAVORITE people!

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Marianne said...

Wonderful catching up with the Phillips! So many blessings!! Jaylie is a doll. Quinn's play reminds me of Andrew Crockett Boone Whitehouse. KLP is just getting so big and seems so happy and independent! Love you all so much.