Thursday, March 7, 2013


There's just not much better than watching your kids enjoying each other (and choosing to forget about the arguing and fussing and fighting that goes on.  Maybe I should start taking pictures of those times.)

I know I already posted one like this, but its just cute.  

What says brotherly love more than a living room duel with a shotgun and a tiny arrow shooter? 

You are witnessing a sacrifice from big brother Kanyon.  The boy loves his Lazy Boy and doesn't love to share it.  He's usually willing to share it for a little bit (read: a few seconds, maybe a minute).  Here he is sharing with a SMILE.  (sidenote: I'm realizing as I post several blogs that she wears these pj's a lot....or I only take pictures of her in these pj's)

Takin' a trip in the laundry basket

Headed to a bball game in their jerseys.  

Holding baby Jaylie.  Q had a tough time getting comfortable this time. I think it was because he wasn't willing to put his gun down.  Priorities people.  


I've never met 2 cooler brothers

Working on valentines

We didn't know how the timing of the boys' age/maturity would work, but it has worked out so great.  In a lot of ways, they are at about the same places. In other ways they off set each other and make a pretty good pair.  Even in their pretend play they make a good team.  Q always chooses Batman, klp-superman.  Q-Peter Pan, K-John (the brother with the glasses).   There is usually an argument when it comes to Ninja Turtles because they both want to be red, but I think they're finally grasping the beauty of imaginary can BOTH be the red one.  One of my favorite things is when they're in the bath or just in playing in the same room and q will say, "Hey Kan, talk to me." Their conversations are pretty hilarious.  They have their moments of pushing each others' buttons.  Q will refuse to answer klp or will try to run to beat him to the chair (see....the chair is a major territory for klp) and klp will do the classic pest move and touch Quinn and not stop when Quinn completely overreacts and screams for him to stop.  If q could learn the power of not reacting I think we could end that pestering problem.    

They really are pretty sweet to each other most of the time and I'm so thankful for the lifetime of fun they have ahead of them.  I think its one of the greatest joys of parenting and I can't imagine how great it will be as they get older.  Assuming we keep them liking each other! :)  

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Sweet post. I see your reflection in the front storm door. :)