Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All in a Day....

These are just little snapshots of what happens around the house....

Sucker Daddy in to reading a book first thing Saturday morning. 

While I'm putting Q down for a nap, I let klp watch TV.  For a while it was Rachael Ray so he got lots of good cooking tips.  The station has since changed their schedule so now its Family Feud.  He loves it. Add this to the list of game shows he loves! 

Cold dark winter evenings usually mean a little video after naps while Mom cooks dinner.  Grab your blanket and suck your thumb. 

Jaylie might take a little turn in the Bumbo for a while.....

but that wears her out so she has to take a nap.  

klp loves lights of any kind.  This particular evening it was dark in the living room and he had on his head lamp and was holding a little plastic ball up to the light turning the ball bright red.  

Sometimes you gotta take a break in your busy day and read a good book.  

Everyone needs a little fresh air and a nice swing. 

While baby naps again.....

brothers play with their head lamps in my closet.  

After a long day of playing these 3 snuggle in and go to bed.  Or not.  But they do enjoy cuddling together for a bit before real bedtime.  

I find myself wishing I could remember the details of our days.  Kory comes home and I know so many things happened that I wanted to tell him and I just can't remember it all. Our days are quite a whirlwind of good, bad, impatience, sweetness, fits, cuddles, laughing, crying, cuteness, whining, learning, playing, fighting, tattle telling, and perfection.  I'll take it.

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