Friday, March 1, 2013

Cuties and Crazies


Crazy (Thats a lost tooth in the white bag.  He wanted it by the lamp light for the tooth fairy....he never wants it under his pillow)


Crazy (a friend brought a king cake and Q got the charm so he was King for the night. He went bonkers... he loved it!)

Crazy Dad putting this on the little Cutie

Cutie at her first basketball game

Cutie (I am CRAZY about the back of babies heads/neck/ears)


Cutie (noticing a pattern with her pictures? She's not old enough to be too crazy) 

Crazy. She thought that baby in the mirror was crazy! 

Crazy (or on Instagram I titled this: All the better to see you with.)


Crazy (Animal cracker up his nose for no mom just happened to notice him riding in the car like this.)

Crazy. He decided he doesn't like to hold cold drinks so he loves his coozie when he drinks his smoothie. 

Cutie.  He picked out his own clothes.  

Crazy....about basketball already!  

Crazy. He held up his PBandJ and said "Mom, these are peanut butter binoculars" 

Cutie learning to sit up. 

Cutie: eyelashes, cheeks, sticky bow. 

Cutie...sorry, I can't help it. 

Crazy.  She LOOOOOOVES the boys' swords.  

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