Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jaylie June 7 months

March 9= Jaylie June is 7 months old! 

This has been a busy month for this little girl....and her mother.  She is BUSY BUSY BUSY! She's still not crawling, but she can squirm all over the place more and more every day.  She loves to chew on dipaers (clean ones) or books.  Neither of which I'm a real fan of, but she often finds her way to one of those things very quickly.  If you look closely in the next picture, you'll see that she got her 2nd tooth. She NEVER sits still.  Nursing her is like trying to nurse a Tasmanian Devil!   

She is still smiley smiley, but has started fussing more.  Like when I leave the room or walk by her and don't pick her up.  She's spent more time in the wrap lately so that I can keep doing what I need to do without the fussing.  I used to "wear" her in the wrap for fun, now its more out of necessity!  She's not doing as good going down for naps as she was and she's still pretty bad at night.  Great, huh?  

I'm trying to do better feeding her food.  She's had avocado, banana, sweet potatoes, and applesauce.  She still isn't all that great at it, but I'm trying to do better about letting her practice. I just forget/don't have it thawed and ready.  She cries at me like its the ultimate betrayal when I put her in her car seat.  Despite the initial crying, she's a great traveler. We drove 4 hours to Houston and 4 hours back in one day and she did great!  She's keeping me on my toes more and more...who knows what the next month holds.  

I'll end this post with an IRRESISTIBLE picture of my 7 month old!

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Specks said...

Oh my word, that baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is totally a mini-you, is she not :)??? I love all your family pics~ you guys are so fun and just makes my heart warm to see pics of those sweet brothers and precious baby sister. I truly wish we could somehow transport you all up here for a when you are ready to visit DC now, or in 10 years, you MUST come stay with us :). Hugs to all!