Friday, May 10, 2013

A Boy and His Cape

When Kory's mom brought the boys the capes she made for them (along with SUPER masks), I knew they were going to be a hit. Quinn particularly feels the POWER when he wears his and I just love it so much.  I looked back over the last few months for pictures of him with his cape, and as you'll see, the cape has gone many places and been worn many ways.  

Here they are the night she gave them to them

I'm posting this one because I looooooove klp cutting his eyes.  Super heroes are always looking out for  the bad guys! 

I don't think there was a particular reason for which cape we put on which kid that night, but they've pretty much stuck to this...the red one is Kanyon's, the blue one is Quinns.  

Riding bikes

Delivering flowers to Mommy

Hitching a ride on brother's bike

First thing in the morning

Cold weather days...

Super Heroes are good at talking their Daddy it to cereal like Lucky Charms...

Riding in Gay Gay's car

Eating with cousins

A box.  A cape.  A Robin toy.  What else could a little boy need? 

I'm not sure what took me so long to show the boys that if they swing with their capes on, they "fly". Oh MAN this was FUN! They are wearing Batman masks and holding what they call their "flying sticks".  

We upped the super-ness of the outfit with arm bands and a belt.

Flying in Trent's yard

Mindi took these one day while she was taking pictures of Jaylie.  

I was in the car with Jaylie while the boys played at the park.  Here they are walking back to the car.  Capes and all.  

The capes have been worn to the grocery store, church, bed, outside, inside, restaurants, and just about anywhere else we've been.  I love the total change in attitude when the capes are on.  Automatically tough, strong, and....well....Super!     

Thanks again Gram for the gift that keeps on giving!


Anonymous said...

There is a song by Guy Clark that has a line that says...spread your arms, hold your breath and always trust your cape. Thought of it from these pics. The song is a good one, worth checking out!

I found your blog years ago and look in every once in awhile. You have one of those feel good blogs that has a wonderful outlook on life. Such a sweet family you have. Take care!

~Lexie Breland Brink

ps. hoping I dont come off has creepy! haha

Kyla said...

Way to make a difference in someone's life, Jaymie. :) I guess you never know who's reading!

Love the cape pictures, too. I can't wait to get Preston a cape... It was so good to see you at the baseball game...I'm finally stealing a moment to catch up on your blog. So glad I get to see a little window into your life. Wish I could see you more often!!