Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Jaylie June 8 and 9 months

The last two months have been full of Miss Priss doing big girl stuff.  

Lucky for me my procrastination with starting and consistently offering baby food payed off and she has basically skipped that stage.  I gave her some scrambled eggs one night and she gobbled them up.  After that I've just been giving her things she can feed herself. I was amazed at how well she could use her hands to pick up the food and get it in her mouth!  I still have a few cubes of frozen baby food I'd already made so I'm trying to use those up, but she really doesn't want much to do with food from a spoon. For now nursing her is still easier (I'm lazy) and I'm gradually getting in the groove of feeding her "meals".    

She started crawling and now pretty much crawls everywhere.  She will still revert back to the army crawl every now and then.  Just a few days before 9 months, she pulled up to standing a few times and also started going from crawling to sitting up.  

She literally crawled out of her bassinet she'd been sleeping in her whole life. I knew she was outgrowing it and I knew the time would come that she would figure out how to get out, I just didn't know it would be at 2am.  Ha!  She's still in my room because she's up a billion times a night so I have her in the pack and play by my bed now.  She's probably so happy to have room to roll around! 

She now has 5 teeth and I think the 6th isn't too far away.  She still cries almost every time you put her in the car and if you dare put her down.  She has become more opinionated the last couple of months.  At 9 months she weighs about 19 lbs.  No clue where that is on a chart, but thats about what she weighs.

She has a cackle for a laugh and the swing is an easy way to hear that sweet cackle.  Her brothers crack her up too.  We get tickled at her (and our hearts melt) because all you have to do is lock eyes with her and the biggest, sweetest grin appears and lights up her whole face.  She wrinkles her little nose and sometimes tilts her head in a cute little flirtations way.  

She likes me and I can't get enough of her.  Except between the hours of 10 pm and 7am.  I'm getting MORE than enough of her then.  

She puts EVERYTHING in her mouth.  In the last week I've intercepted a slug and a dryer sheet (among other more "normal"things like cardboard, dirt, food off the floor, mulch, etc.).  

Her name is Jaylie June, but we each have our own versions that we call her: 
Me: Juney, Jaylie girl, Mama 
Daddy: Lovey, Jaylie girl
Kanyon: Baby Jaylie 
Quinn: The Jaylie Monster 


Here is her 8 month shot

And her 9 month ones....

(notice the nose wrinkle)

.....and it all turns on a dime.

I wouldn't want you to think she smiles ALL the time.

"Whatchoo lookin' at MAMA?"

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erin f. said...

I am dying at the part where Quinn calls her the Jaylie monster. Ellie calls brown "yucky brother." They would be best friends. Jaylie June is my favorite. Keep the pictures coming!