Tuesday, May 21, 2013


April blog explosion: 

Still loving the new swing! 

Fireman taking a break

Here is a daily problem/cuteness at my house.  Kanyon paints and then when he's done he has it all over his hands and these little foot  hand prints end up all over my floor.  

Another daily problem/cuteness 

backwards undies (I think he likes to be able to see the picture better in the front)

and too tight undies.  He just can't quit these, not matter how tight they get or how much they accentuate his love handles.  

This was the first time Jaylie pulled up.  Of course it was to get a sword.  She did that a while back and then didn't do it again for about a month.  Now she's  a pro.  

Kanyons jeans:  We are down to one pair that doesn't have a giant hole in the rear.  Glad summer is here!  

I NEEDED a Chick-fil-a cookie....so did Q. 

We REALLY miss klp on his 3 school days, but its been some good times with these 2. Quinn is a real trooper on these days because we often end up running lots of errands and cleaning/working at the house.  He tags along great and is actually getting to be legitimate help.  

Sometimes I kinda forget I have a daughter....most of the time a baby is just a baby.  Until I look at this picture and it hits me.  I'm holding my DAUGHTER!!  

She usually chills in the stroller while we sidewalk chalk

Smoothie mustache all the way to his forehead.  

klp loves his new swing, but old habits die hard.  He hasn't forgotten his first love.  

There just isn't room for groceries with my crew!  But sometimes we just gotta go and cram as much as we can wherever we can.

Licking pollen??? Probably good for allergies, right?

This was the night she showed me she never wanted baby food again. I handed her a few pieces of scrambled egg and she grabbed it, put it right in her mouth and gobbled it all up!  YAY! 

cornbread mustache. 

Endless fun in the sandbox.  

klp got some new paints for his birthday and had a blast trying out all the cool new brushes.  

This is what happens when she eats avocado.  

This is what happens when Q finds a Michael Jordan Sports Illustrated.  

Kory went to LA with his college buddies for their baseball trip, so me and the boys headed to Paris.  We hadn't been in a long time so it was extra fun.  

klp caught this fish all by himself.  He almost lost the rod and reel, but he held on! 

My 3 little rugrats

This is borderline DISGUSTING but klp loves to hug Buddy.  

Gay Gay and Jaylie June after church

Q got to stay in Paris an extra day while Mom helped me take klp on a little adventure to Waco (more on that later).  Paw Paw and Quinn caught this turtle and Q held on to it in the car.  

Our last Ladies Bible Class Beau and Jaylie were facing off.  

I'll end with a deceptively peaceful picture of 2 brothers reading together! 

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