Thursday, May 2, 2013

March Catch up

Lots has happened that I haven't blogged about and for the theoretical book that will be printed from this blog, I want to go ahead and post them.  

Me and the kids spent the weekend in Paris with the Rachel, Mo, and their kids.  The rest of the fam was in Austin for the state basketball tournament.  Q decided to get a mysterious tummy bug while we were there so we only saw Mo's kids one night.  

The "Big Kids" playing by the fence.  

The other big kids are pretty fast compared to klp, so in the blink of an eye they were off the fence and gone! He does a pretty good job keeping up and they do a good job of including him.  He looked pretty cute standing there....

....but soon he was off to catch up with the cousins.

Meanwhile jjp and Ellie were getting acquainted. They're only 2 months apart, so we figure they have some fun times ahead.  

The big kids moved in to the art table.  

Nolan (Michelangelo) and Quinn (Spiderman)

We stayed at Rachel's house and decided let my kids try to sleep in the room with Ro and Nolan.  They actually did great!  Ro and Nolan are pros at sleep overs with tons of other kids, so I'm sure their good example helped.  

Aunt Rachel was in charge of getting them down.  Way to go Aunt Rachel.  She also saved my life in the wee hours of the morning when Kanyon woke up talking super loud and bouncing on his bed. I was afraid he was going to wake everyone up so I needed to go in there, but Jaylie had just woken up so I was feeding her.  Luckily Rachel heard and rescued me by laying by Kanyon the rest of the night! What an aunt/sister in law! 

Ro loved holding jjp

Lotsa love on this swing. 

This is how Kanyon looks every time he's finished paiting....which is almost every day. I'm not sure how he manages to make this big of a mess of himself and his clothes, but he does every time.  I can be found almost daily cleaning off paint hand prints off my tile floor.  He gets down to leave the table scoots away...leaving a handprint the whole way.  Its cute.....the first few times.  

He's kinda hard to read to because he wants to be so close to the book....


Baby stays up late with Mommy and Daddy

The boys got a few dollars from Gay Gay and Paw Paw for Valentines.....or a train made of money.  

Adam and Doodle came over one night to eat pancakes.  Each kid got their letter pancake.  Caden, Tate, Kanyon, Quinn

The kid table was a happenin' place. 

One night I was wearing j in my wrap and Q told me I looked like this army guy.  Ha!

Caden as Captain America and Quinn as Batman playing over at Caden's house

klp's job

cuteness in a tub

This is kinda random, but my mom found this picture.  Its of her holding my brother Clay.  Looks JUST LIKE QUINN.  Q makes the same face and does the same thing with his hands.  

I love her neck! 

Jaylie and Meg checkin' each other out

One morning klp asked to hold Jaylie.  He just seemed so big and so sweet.  I love that messy bed head and sleepy face. 

Q with his "must haves" Bear, Blanket, Bullseye, thumb, and SWORD.  

Endless fun with boxes!

I had promised Q he could watch a video one morning and then I couldn't get the DVD player to work. So we used the PBS app on the ipad to watch some.  Cracked me up.  

Thought this was a pretty cute shot of the boys leaving the park.  

My dear friend Leah sent me these costumes that her boys outgrew.  Perfect for these Peter Pan obsessed boys! 

What J does while she's in the wrap. 

One night Kory was playing outside while I got supper ready and he needed to be hands free.  I think as a joke, he said he needed the wrap, but I put it on him. He looked pretty funny, but it allowed him to play baseball and hold Jaylie! Even j thought it was funny! 

Relaxing in the swing! 

sweet feet 

I liked the view out my kitchen window....all 3 kids playing outside. 

Kory and I had to go to a wedding (and Jaylie) so Kinsey kept the boys and sent us this picture. I love it!  Q in the mask and klp's sweet little skinny legs.  

Batman protecting Gotham City from his iPad.

The iPad is usually only out when klp goes to the potty.  Since Q rarely gets to play it (though that is not supported by the pictures I've posted on this post) he rode his scooter up to the toilet to watch klp play.  Weirdoes.  

j in my fav pajamas/clothes. I keep putting her in them even though they are too small.  

We watched all the March Maddness basketball over at my aunt and uncles house since our TV didn't get the right channels.  They have a big projector TV on their wall upstairs.  The boys enjoy this feature.  

I got a new mixer for Christmas...Q helping with the pizza dough.  

And now that April is over, maybe I can get it blogged.  Sheesh!  

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