Sunday, May 5, 2013


I kind of did a lame job with Easter this year.  

Luckily we were in town the weekend of our church egg hunt because, as it turns out, that would be the only hunt Quinn would get .  

We are hoping Q doesn't play basketball like he hunts Easter eggs.  He was slow, non aggressive, and was overall lacking "the killer instinct". 

He got a few and decided he was done. He was proud of his basket! 

klp enjoyed his hunt too.  He ditched the walker because he got tired of squatting down.  Can't say that I blame him.  

I got to go to Kanyon's school Easter party.  They did a quick hunt first....

Then they came inside for snacks and a visit from a real bunny.  

Quinn hits the jackpot when Kanyon has parties at school because klp doesn't like candy so Q gets it all.  He was particularly excited about this peep! 

We were in Montana for Easter Sunday and had every intention of hunting eggs, but it just didn't happen.  Too cold before church and then the way things worked that afternoon it just didn't happen.  We'll try again next year.  I also didn't pack Easter clothes on the trip, so once we pretended it was Easter a few weeks later.  Here they are in their Easter duds.  

A few bloopers and a few good ones.  

Baby shoes aren't my thing.  We have some really cute ones a friend let us borrow, but they are still a little big.  There's nothing sweeter than bare feet so thats how we did it.  


Kelli said...

Sounds like a fun Easter to me! :) Your kids are all so cute, girl. I LOVE that picture of Q and K, and of course all the others. Jaylie's dress is beautiful! It is so obvious how much your kids all love each other, and I love that.

Gay said...