Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Be Yourself??? No thanks.

The boys (especially Quinn) are loving dressing up and "being" people/things.  They figure, why be yourself when you can be EVERYONE! 

Q as Michelangelo.  Don't mess with my homemade nun chucks.  

Upon closer inspection, I noticed Michelangelo had something on his face.  He was saving his gum.  Gross.  

Leonardo and Raphael (I've since upgraded Raphael's sais, from hangers to more realistic sais made out of duck tape.) Leonardo has a number of swords to choose from in our house.  


This was one night at our friends' house.  The kids were all dressed up and Mabry, the oldest in the crew was directing them in a play. It was really pretty hilarious.  The story line was something like the Lion (Kanyon...obviously you can tell that by his costume) bit Allie the princess.....

so she had to go to the Dr Quinn (not Medicine woman).....

I can't remember where Chandler the Lady bug came in to play, but I'm sure her performance was fantastic.  Here they are with their director leading them in their curtain call bow. SO. CUTE. 


jjp's beady eyes give her away.  

We went up to my Dad's office one day when we were in town and klp wanted to be like Paw Paw. 

Yee haw pantsless Cowboy. 

Stick em up. 

Caden and Tate came over one day and we REALLY needed klp there to complete the Ninja Turtle gang, but he was at school.  

I love watching their whole demeanor change when they become something else.  I love the dress up, I love the imagination, I love the hilarious things that they say. This is so fun. 

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