Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Great Friends and a Great Garage Sale

This picture has nothing to do with friends or our garage sale, but it sure is cute! 

Great bunch of kiddos having dinner together (someone was giving me rabbit ears so they would laugh...instead they all gave rabbit ears to each other!) Mabry, Quinn, Chandler, Kanyon, Allie, and Addison

Another day.....another picture of the mess.  Oh well.  

For the past 5 years or so, Me, Amy, and Mindi have had a big garage sale at least once a year.  We have THE BEST time.  It usually involves a slumber party, Blizzards from DQ, late night pricing, wheelin' and dealin', and the greatly anticipated adding up of the cash!! This year we decided to go for a Friday and Saturday sale. Too bad a MONSOON came on Friday. We had a few hours in the morning of slow shopping, but the rain kept most people away. Then the rain started blowing sideways so we called it quits and closed the garage door.  The next day was beautiful and we had a great day! 

One of our friends was gonna sell this Michael Jordan card board poster thing.  Then Q saw it and it stayed in his lap just like this.  

This was the night before as we were trying to just get it all semi-organized and back in the garage before the rain hit. 

This was the best we could do that night.  We had my porch completely full of rubbermaid tubs of stuff.  We sold So. Much. Stuff.  

My favorite Garage Sale Gals!!!!  

The Magna Doodle was the hit of the day. It was supposed to be being sold, but we ended up using it to total up who's stuff was who's out of each buyer's pile. It worked great.  

klp took his turn with the magna doodle too! 

Back to FRIENDS: 

Meg and Jaylie begging Rebekah for something. 

Meg and Jaylie again one Sunday when they kinda matched.  

Then below that is Jaylie, Meg, and Beau.  We thought they coordinated nicely for church so we snapped a picture. I could just EAT THEM UP!  BFF's 

Headband probz

Q found some tent stakes and turned them in to weapons....of course.  Caden and Tate are lookin' so sweet here.  While my ferocious child won't smile.  He was "in character" with his weapons.  

This cracked me up. I came in the living room after the kids were in bed and this is what I saw. klp had a few of his guys lined up following Jake I guess.  I just love seeing things they've played with.  

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