Tuesday, October 15, 2013

First Day of School

No matter how much I dreaded and cursed the beginning of school, it happened.  So what better way to prep Kanyon for his first day than to wrestle on his bed.  

Yeah, no need to worry about Jaylie.  She can hold her own in a brawl.  *This picture says it all.  The girl is cray cray*

All 3 still, looking, and smiling is IMPOSSIBLE.  

Summertime freckles are the best! 

I guess this is klp's first day of "Kindergarten".  He is still spending most of his day in his PPCD classroom, but he and an aid are going to a Kindergarten class for about an hour every morning as well as P.E/Music, and computer lab.  And these red shoes are so perfectly "Kanyon" that i just can't handle it.  He loves them too.  Why wouldn't he?? They're bright red! 

Snaggle tooth! 

Here he is with his PPCD teachers. He's had these three ladies since he was 3.  They have been very good to us and love Kanyon so much.  We are very thankful.  

This is Mrs. Moore, his Kindergarten teacher. 

I don't hear a lot about his days from him, but from what his teachers say, he's off to a great start to the year.  He still goes 3 days a week so we can have Mondays and Fridays at home for therapy (and fun).

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