Friday, October 18, 2013

September Happenings

We took the boys to the movies for the first time.  They both did really well. I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried it would be too loud for Q and that klp wouldn't be able to see it.  (I realize that sounds crazy since its a huge screen, but his vision/processing is kinda tricky. 

Q's Poker {Old Maid} face

Q found a whistle and had a blast with it for several days.  He eventually lost it.  One of us cried about it.  It wasn't me. 

We went to a football game to watch some youth group kids do their thing...


One of "our girls" was on homecoming court and the other is drum major.  

They somehow fit into these boxes.

We were eating at a pizza place that had games and this was klp playing the hunting game. That boy figured out how to pull himself up and hold on with the joy stick so he could shoot the gun.  I love that he just does his thing no matter what it takes. 

We got him a chair and it was much easier on him. 

School started, but the summer temps didn't go away so we kept doing summer stuff! 

klp locked himself in my bedroom.  Seriously. And its not one of those doorknobs you can pick.  This was only a few weeks after he got stuck on our laundry area of our house when the sliding door got jammed.  Q was trying with all his might to get him out.....Luckily we got him out before I had to take off the doorknob. 

Jaylie June, Beau, and Meg all fell asleep while Mommies (and Quinn) walked.  Don't think thats happened again.  

Y'all sometimes my house is such a mess in the middle of the day that I have to take a picture.  I never feel like the picture does justice to the insane mess 3 kids make. 

klp built a library for Cubby.  

Since school started, klp is officially done with naps.  I enjoy our afternoons together.  Especially when I get some help in the kitchen. 

Caught them all 3 playing together.  Glad I got this because its a rare (and short lived) moment.  

Reading an Olivia book under our quilt Aunt Sydni made for Jayde.  This pic is deceiving.  Don't let Juney girl's look of interest and cooperation fool you.  She was just preparing to pounce on the book and ruin story time.  She doesn't get invited to group readings very often.  

Why are sleeping kids the cutest things in the world?  Cuteness multiplied by the cap on his head and the cheese stick in his hand....don't judge, I gotta get some pounds on this skinny kid.  

Our fireplace is where they do most of their playing.  Lots of mornings they'll wake up and go straight to the fireplace to play so I wake up to the sound of imaginations running wild (which is cuter than screaming kids or cranky wake up calls begging for breakfast). 

One of these days there will be pictures of Q that don't show his crack, but not yet.  

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