Monday, October 21, 2013

Jaylie June

This girl's personality has exploded the last couple of months.  For better or worse.  I'm not sure if its because she's a girl, or if its just her personality....probably both, but this girl is hilarious.  Her personality is so different from her brothers.  I'm not real sure how to describe it, but maybe overall she is just so IN TUNE to the world around her. In some ways she's pretty content, but she's much more of a go-getter than her brothers were at this age.  Several months ago when she had probably only worn shoes 3 times in her whole life (we're up to at least 5 or 6 times now) she brought me some tiny shoes and started trying to put them on her feet.  She found a cup, went in to the bathroom and held it under the faucet at the bathtub and pointed/grunted at the faucet.  The girl knows what she wants and she's gonna figure out a way to tell us.  Unfortunately, she throws serious fits. Wowzers.  Tryin' to nip that in the bud.  Wish me luck. As soon as she could interact, she was a performer.  She knows when she's being silly and hams it up!  In fact I'm pretty sure she said her first word the other day and it was "TA-DA!!!" She was playing with a tractor the other day and she was making a pretty good tractor noise! I find myself saying "I didn't know she knew that!" all the time lately.  These fun little things are popping up everyday and I get a pretty big kick out of it.  She can hang with the big dogs when it comes to playing with her brothers.  As if we didn't have enough spunk in this family, The Jaylie Monster (as she's called by her brothers) showed up and brought spunk to a whole new level! 

Here's a few pics of the wild child over the last few weeks. 

She used to squint her nose up likes this ALL THE TIME.  It was her way of being silly or showing off.  She's kinda stopped doing it now which is kinda sad.  

Before her yogurt, she dined on a turquoise marker for breakfast. 

She prefers to hold the shopping list. Keeping me on task. She's an intense shopper as you can see.  

On a walk she fell asleep just as she was going in for one more fist full of goldfish. 

Sometimes you just can't stay awake another second. 

My friend Amanda made this dress for her out of one of my shirts.  Its kinda pearl snappy and so cute! 

I mean seriously. She's posing!! 

She loves the remote controls.  I'm sure here she's making a case for why I need to let her keep the remote. 

Chattin' it up. (so what if there's still pictures of baby Quinn up in Jaylie's nursery???!!)

This is how she sits and its so cute.  One day she was trying to get me to put some shoes on but she couldn't find her feet sitting like that.  She kept putting the shoe on the end of her knee. She knew it wasn't right, but she couldn't figure out where in the world her feet went!  

So maybe "lady-like" isn't a word I would use to describe her.

Sugar and Spice?  Well.......maybe its spice and more spice with this one! 

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Kelli said...

She is precious, and just beautiful! Love that sweet smile!