Monday, November 25, 2013

Fall Fun

klp in OT.  Always working lots of different things at the same time

We enjoyed some perfect weather and spent as much time outside as possible.  This particular days was one of those magical ones where everyone is busy and happy and loving playing together.  They're not all that way, so I soaked it in. 

Q aiming his gun (and showing his crack). 

They were shooting their spinny guns having so much fun watching how far they would fly

In the mean time Miss Thang was busy "painting" the sidewalk with water and mud. And giving me a very serious look. 

Somehow the boys ended up in boxes making maps.  

klp found these, put them on, and said, "Take my picture".  With pleasure, Kan Man.  

Big brother feeding baby sister some of his snack.  

This was after church one Sunday when the weather was finally cool and I was just loving seeing the kids in their Fall clothes. 

Its impossible really.  But we try, yell, clap, dance, scream, threaten, bribe, jump, and squeal until we snap enough and think "SURELY we got at least one good one." And by good I mean "good enough". 

It was much easier just getting Jaylie to look.  Now if she would grow up and stand on her own, my legs wouldn't have to be in the pictures. 

When I see pictures like this, I still can't believe I actually have a daughter.  I'm really, really glad I do. 

You can always count on Daddy to feed you a treat.  

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Angela said...

Hi Jaymie! Still following your blog. Can't believe Kanyon is so grown up! Looks like OT is going well. Love seeing your growing family, and glad you have your daughter! l