Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Travels Part 2

We got back from Abilene and had our usual week, but by Thursday we were in overdrive! My parents got in late Wednesday night so that I could go with Kanyon on his first field trip (with his Kindergarten class) to the Tyler Zoo.  

Mom and Dad did this all day....

While we did this....

The zoo was fun and klp did good. He walked in his walker a lot and I carried him some.  Things like the zoo are just a little tricky for a kid with the vision issues Kanyon deals with. I've explained it in detail before, but basically he has 2 things going on: He can't see very well (he's legally blind without glasses).  The other thing is called Cortical Visual Impairment. Basically what he sees doesn't always process through his brain effectively.  So even if he's "seeing" it, he may not process it and therefore really "see" it.  So pretty much he never saw most of the animals at the zoo.  If they moved, he would sometimes see it, but just the fact that he had to look through glass is enough to throw off his processing and confuse him. He did always find the water in each exhibit.  Whether it was a bucket of water, a "river" or any other body of water in there he spotted it and enjoyed that.  Forget the monkey....he sees WATER! Haha! He had fun though and we were glad to spend a couple of hours outside together.  
He enjoyed several of the animals, but the rocking chairs were his favorite! :) 

Mom sent me this picture while they were outside swinging.  

That evening, I packed up and headed to meet up with another group of college friends in Nashville for the weekend. I was outside telling the kids bye. I'd never left Jaylie for this long before and was feeling like Mama Hen needed a picture with all her chicks.  Below is the result.  I title this: "Why do I even try?"

My parents are THE BEST. They stayed and helped Kory Thursday night, all day Friday while Kory was at work, and Saturday til about 4:00.  I got lots of "updates" from Mom and Dad throughout the weekend. I had no doubt they were having a blast.  

Bow lessons from Paw Paw

Friday afternoon, they took the kids to a fun little pumpkin patch place near our house. Jaylie June LOOOOOOVED it! ha! 

Q was proud of his pine cone.  

The pumpkin patch had a train that they said the boys LOVED. No surprise!

Gay Gay and Juney girl in pumpkin

Farmer Q and Pumpkin Kanyon

Farmer girl Jaylie and Farmer Quinn and Kanyon as himself. 

Paw Paw is the best. I would bet that he does more than most grandpas out there.  He's a trooper and its no surprise my kids think he hung the moon.  

And we all know my mom is UNMATCHED in her skills.  Seriously she does it all and makes it look easy.  She is THE. BEST.  My kids are obsessed with her and I don't blame them! 

Love this! 

I flew to Nashville (alone....hadn't done that since I was dating Kory!) and met up with this crew of ACU friends.  We had a blast mostly TALKING and LAUGHING! It was so much fun to all be together and catch up on each others' lives.  3 of these girls live in Nashville so its always fun to see where your friends live.

Kyla, Chelsea, Katie, Sharon (holding sweet Posey Bea), Me, Kasey (holding Ninas sweet baby Walt), Erin, and Nina 

We didn't just sit and talk in our PJ's ALL weekend.  We went out to eat Saturday night.

We got to see Sharon's other 2 girls after their fall festival.   Its so fun to see the kiddos we hear so much about! 

This was part of the crew headed to the airport Sunday. It was sad to leave but we had  a GREAT time!

How can it not be great when I get to snuggle with Posey Bea's rolls! 

And I was getting frequent reports from the home front.....

My parents left Saturday afternoon, so Kory was on his own.  He's a CHAMP and even got everyone to church on time! IMPRESSIVE! And Jaylie had a bow! :) Thanks to my parents and Kory for the get away! 

He made my whole weekend by sending me these 3 pictures.  It does a Mama's heart good to see this!

The month of October was full of some of my very favorite people in the whole wide world! It was SO MUCH FUN and it does my soul good to be with friends....and then come home to the best husband and kids in the world!


Karl, Andrea, Kaden and Leland said...

Hey Lady, this is Andrea. Can you do me a favor and contact me? I have a request for a special picture of your family.


kalamazoo said...

Jayme, so glad to catch up on your sweet family through your blog. I have another former "patient" with CVI and have learned about a website that has computer programs to help children with this type visual impairment. Wanted to share this with you http://www.helpkidzlearn.com/

Hug sweet Kanyon for me! Have a great Thanksgiving!

kalamazoo said...

by the way "kalamazoo" is nurse Kathy!