Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October around the House

*Before you begin, I will tell you that you will notice that Quinn is wearing blue shark shorts in almost every picture.  Mom got them for the boys on vacation this summer.  Q is obsessed with them and lucky for him he has 2 pairs to choose from.  The second they are clean he puts them on.  We do own other shorts, you just probably won't see him wearing them. *

In between all of our travel adventures, we did all the normal things too....

Like grocery shopping!  

He was pumped about Brookshire's new little carts.  

Y'all, this happens ALL THE TIME.  He doesn't even seem to notice.  Strange, but funny.  At least to me.  

Cowboy.  Pants-less cowboy

All 3 busy in the sandbox

She is particularly quiet and focused while playing in the sand.  I guess he takes it pretty serious. 

Kory put her in the car with a pen in her hand.  I didn't know it until I went to get her out of the carseat and her thighs looked like this: 

Brothers, backwards undies, and voluntary hand holding. 

We heart the water table. 

Q got the group pretty bad and all he did one day was sleep. He wanted to go outside with us so he sat in the swing like this for over 2 hours while the other two kids played.  Poor baby. 

When he came inside, he just did this.  

But perked up and was back to reading his magazines in no time.  I think its hilarious to see him sitting around pouring over a magazine (all the toy magazines are coming in the mail, so he's got lots to look through). 

We have love-hate relationship with bath crayons.  They love them- I hate them.  

Q decided his tummy was the perfect place for a bunch of Superman stickers.  Why not? He currently has a tatoo on his tummy too.  

This is Jaylie June begging me to blow bubbles. She actually wants to blow them...Little Miss Big Stuff.  

Aaaaaannnnd here's another common site around my house: 

then she REALLY turns it on.  

I told Q to go put some clothes on to go run errands....this is what I got.  

Chillin' watching Q play in the rain...

It was a terrible day to run errands, but once I got them done, we came home, the rain slowed down to just the right amount for playing in the rain. 

He insisted on the sunglasses. 

Juney couldn't sit and watch for long, she ended up in the "river" at the end of the drive way.....
The END.

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Specks said...

Hey girl~ just catching up on your blog after being away for a bit....your kids are SO AMAZINGLY PRECIOUS. You know I have a super soft spot for K, since I might just be running for the president of his fan club :). That said, I saw the medical post (of which I GET) and I couldn't remember if I told you that the two seizure meds we FINALLY found that WORK TOGETHER are Pheno and Zonegran/Zonisimide. We are on pretty high doses of both, but together they really seem to do the trick- we tried many, many other meds prior to this combo, so I just wanted to let you know, for what it's worth. HUGS!!!!