Thursday, November 14, 2013


Kory and I really enjoy Halloween with our kids.  So far we've been able to convince them to be whatever we want them to be.  We just decide what we would get a kick out of and hype the kids up accordingly.  Pretty much every year we come up with the idea the day before and its usually Kory who comes up with the idea and then I'm left with the responsibility of throwing it together.  Its fun to put it all together.  It usually involves safety pins and hot glue.  This year was no different.

Kory came home from work and said, "I think I've got it! NERDS!" So then we told the boys. Of course they didn't know what a nerd was so we told them they were funny guys that wore crazy clothes.  They bought in and had fun.  Q was yelling "I'm a NERD, I'm NERDY!!!" all day. He just thought he was soooooo funny!


Their suspenders were ribbon hot glued on to suspender clips.  The glasses were dollar store reading glasses with the lenses popped out.  Scrap fabric for bow ties safety pinned on shirts with pocket protectors made out of construction paper.  Jaylie June's propeller hat was cut out card stock taped on to a straw taped on to a headband.   Details like pulled out pockets and unzipped pants compliments of Daddy. Slick parts (hair too short for alfalfa) and mismatched Halloween socks finishing off the nerdy duds. 

See those sweet brothers with their arms around each other.......this was them 3 seconds later: 
klp decided Q almost made him fall so he hit him...

Q mad/pouting and turning his back on Kanyon.

We made our first stop at the Sanders as we have each Halloween.  The kids love them and its a fun way to kick off our trick or treating.  Sharon spoils them with bags of treats including glow necklaces!

Here's Gary and Kanyon goofing off as usual. I think klp was hanging his glow bracelet on Gary's ear and Gary would shake it off and klp would DIE LAUGHING! Those two are always wild and crazy. 

Q and Jaylie opted for the more calm company of Sharon.  haha! 

Gary has been dealing with lung cancer over the last year and we are so thankful for successful surgery, chemo, and a clear PET scan! This Halloween visit was extra special after so many months of Gary not feeling good it was awesome to see everyone goofing off together again.  

We left the Sanders and headed to some of our friends' neighborhood to hit up lots of houses and ride through the neighborhood on a trailer. We had a great time! 

Q and Rock Star Allie trick or treating together.  They stopped and asked me to take this picture.  Ha! 

Grayson was so sweet to Quinn.  He let Q follow him around and stayed with him the whole night.  Q felt pretty big getting to hang out with a big boy!

We had already dropped Holly off at her house, but here are some of the other Mamas! 

We ended the night at my aunt and uncle's house. Another traditional stop for us!  We had fun looking through all our candy and taking a few more pictures. How perfect is this little nerd reading her book (she chose that prop herself) with a hand in the candy bowl.

I kinda couldn't stop taking pictures of her.  I think all the commotion of the night had her in shock so she forgot all about the glasses on her face! Perfect!  

Nerd Quinn chowing down on Skittles.  He was one Happy Nerd!!!!  

Happy Halloween! 

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Gay said...

SO cute!! Great job on the costumes. Smart husband (well, sort of) and great job at using scraps and tape!